Is VPI Scout faster, more extended then Rega P25?

Dear Analog Gurus,
I'd like to know what I would gain by going with VPI Scout vs Rega P25. I'm looking for extended, fast, dynamic and clear sound as I mostly listen to Jazz.
I have listened to Rega P3 and VPI Scout (My dealer does not have P25). And my impression was that although Scout is more neutral, extended and much better built (looks very impressive), somehow Rega sounded faster and had better PRAT. Obviously, Scout is more detailed then P3 but I assume P25 should be close to Scout in this respect.
So, what would I gain and what would I loose by spending extra $400 or so on VPI Scout, instead of getting P25?
I would appreciate all your comments.

I use to own the Rega 25 and upgrade to the VPI Scout and I gotta tell ya the Scout is the superior table. You really can't go by just a few hours listening, you have to live withit for a few weeks with all types of music to appreciate a high-end peice of gear. The Scout has better bass, better body, a bigger more fleshed out sound and the construction is better. Oh, and that PRAT you're hearing is the Rega spinning too fast.
I own a Rega P25 and a VPI Aries. All this erroneous crap about a Rega P25 spinning fast is just not true- both my tables run exactly spot on, though I've once measured the Rega .5% fast and the VPI 1% slow, so go figure. I've measured my tables at least 10 times out of audiophile nervosa. The VPI has the more "hi-fi" sound- big soundstage, big instruments, more tonal color, and big bass. However, the REGA is DEFINITELY better at PRAT and it has nothing to do with it running off speed. I actually like the Rega much more for rock/jazz music, as it is incredibly agile rhythmically. The VPI is the king for classical/vocals. Depends on what you listen to. I have two systems, so it's all good.