is VPI's new "Super Platter" a worthwhile upgrade?

VPI just began shipping their new 25-pound "Super Platter" for ALL models of VPI turntables except the HR-X. At $1200, it ain't cheap. I'm wondering how much of an upgrade it would be from the rather massive all-black platter that came with my Super Scout Master about 2 years ago. All ideas most welcome.

Spend the $1.2k by purchasing (in no particular order of preference):

- the SDS, if you do not yet have it
- an effective platform (here are some example: at least 3" thick maple board, Neuance, Symposium, BDR The Shelf, etc.)
- an effective record mat
- some effective coupling devices (pucks, wood blocks, replacement footers, etc.) to go between the plinth/feet and the vibration control platform
- an effective record weight
- an effective outer ring weight

Surely the price of all of the above items will exceed the price of the Super Platter. However, it would be interesting to see if a combination of them will equal or outperform it.

I believe you can trade your old platter for a new one at a cost, is it worth the extra cost that would depend on you and how deep your pockets are.If you can purchase one with a 30day return and keep your old platter it might be worth it, and if you like what you hear and it makes a major difference than see if VPI will allow you to send in your old platter and receive cash back on the purchase price. I would think with such an expensive option they would allow this.
DISCLOSURE: Audiomax-ltd is an VPI authorized dealer in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

As stated on VPI website, if you purchased any VPI turntable after March 1st,2007 you are qualified for a $300 rebate from VPI should you decide to upgrade to this new Super Platter.
The new Super Platter will come with a more substantial bearing assembly to accommodate the heavier 25lbs weight.
It is high end insanity and Harry come on man. That platter would and undoubtedly will be an integral member of the VPI line of TTs. I own a Scout with a Dynevector cartridge through VPI. In addition I bought your 16.5 record washing machine. I would hope a little bit of generosity is in order. You know what, I know some people who could make a heavy platter that will fit your bearings. I will at least add some nice eye candy and use layers of resonance and vibration isolation materials in it. It is ridiculous for me to spend 3/4 of the price of my Scout which is about one year old, for the platter. I would rather just buy another companies table when I upgrade. Or beat you at your own game.
I kid you not, the new Super Platter is a smash success. I have heard so many people criticize Harry for the cost of the upgrade. I for one am grateful that he came up with the new platter. It smokes the original.

Many highend companies improve their products. Why is VPI getting so much flak? My HRX sounds incredible with the new Super Platter. I highly recommend it.
Johnjbarlow you are right on the upgrade thought, but its puzzling to me that people who have bought vip tables from authorized dealers not get a discount. and to me 1200 for a platter is way out of site, dont get me wrong the best sound is what we are all after i just think the price could have been lower.
The price is a bit cost prohibitive, I'll give you that. When you measure that against the performance improvement, you will soon forget about the cost.

I was fortunate enough to find one steeply discounted, here on Audiogon
Ijust got my new VPI with the new feet and new platter. I haven't set it up yet, and can't compare it to anything since I don't know what the original sounds like, but it sure is beautiful
I hate to say that because I felt like a chump shelling out for the price of the thing.

I posted my experience on another thread.

The above post origionally stated: Yes the new super platter is worth it.