Is VonSchweikert VR-1 good upgrade from Spica TC50

I'm thinking of replacing my Spica TC-50's with something that shares it's strong points (imaging, sounstage, vocals, natural timbre) but has better bass, highs, and dynamic capability. Right now I play through a vintage Fisher 400 tube reciever(which I'm thinking of replacing with a Jolida102-B - any amp suggestions?) and fronted by a CAL Sigma II DAC. I listen to rock(soft, acoustic), jazz, blues, folk and a little classical. I have not heard the VR-1's but from reading it seems like they may be a good upgrade. Please comment. All advice, suggestions, and opinions are welcome. Thanks for looking.

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I bought the first pair of TC50s which came into Michigan in 1983. Loved those little music makers! However, I got the itch one year later and bought Maggies, sold the Spicas. Bought another pair in 1986, sold 'em 2 yrs later.

Still fantasize about those and maybe the TC60s which supposedly solved the the main problems - soft on the high and low frequencies and limited dynamics. Yet, the soundstaging was so eerily real, you really didn't miss those things, only felt like being farther back in the concert hall. If I were you I'd keep the Spicas (maybe have them customized as the dynamics can be improved w/ extra bracing, etc.) and try something else, maybe even the TC60s. I love my ProAc 2.5s but would like to someday get a pair of 60s just for curiosity sake. Be warned, the Spicas do require some amplifier drive and current but don't play them too loudly - can be damaged.

I have to say, during my single days in the early and mid 1980s I had a couple of girlfriends who loved sitting and listening to music through the Spicas. One was a pianist and she was especially enamored with them. Without any promting she would say the music sounded like we were right in the concert hall.
Not only isn't she the girl I married, I can't remember her name! I dated my wife right when I bought the Maggies (MG1Bs) and the first time she walked in my house and saw them, she said, "Oh, jeesh! What are those things?" I had to explain this is my house and I buy and bring into it what I want. She's been cool ever since and has even bought me two SET amps for birthdays, tube headphone amp and 'phones for Christmas, and donated her year end work bonus toward my "speaker fund" when I was saving to buy rosewood ProAc 2.5s.

Sorry, Avguy, the last time I saw the other young lady was about 20 years ago in Dearborn, Michigan.