Is Velodyne gone?

I own a DD-15 THX subwoofer,  and I need to know the part number for the accessory kit that came with it.  Ditto for the remote for it.
thanks for any help with this.  I must be getting too old!
Don't know the current details, other than the website does not work.  Here is an article from last year of them moving from sub-woofers to sell driving vehicles. 
The lidar thing is huge numbers. Huge. 10’s of billions huge. At least in today’s soon to be self driving world, it is.
Tesla is not using lidar, google is. Others may be as well.
Lidar, if it was on the Tesla cars, might have prevented all deaths so far. That’s how good it is.
Elon may be ignoring it due to licensing costs, and implementation costs.

The militaries of the world tend to exclusively use Lidar, and Velodyne really does not need the subwoofer hassle ...with selling such expensive Lidar products to the biggest clients imaginable.
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