Is US Audio Mart a joke?

I've registered on US Audio Mart & have been trying for three days to get an activation code. No way to contact anyone.  I'd buy on The Gon but what I want isn't here.  Anyone know the folks that run the site?
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Is it possible the response from US Audio Mart was sent to your "Junk" or "Spam" email folder?

I've had good luck on that site buying but I don't recall the activation code sequence.

Hope this helps - good luck.

That's a bummer I've never had issues on USAMart - been buying and selling since 2014. I looked around, but it doesn't seem like there's a way to contact anyone.  Hmmm - I  would keep trying. Must be the holiday or COVID. Sorry - I'm not much help.
Nothing in junk mail,  I'll keep trying.
usam works for me
has for years
no problems
I highly recommend using US Audiomart once you are activated. 
I've had good experiences, but due diligence is required since it's not a community like Audiogon. Check the other party's feedback and/or Ebay feedback.

I've done a few transactions on the site including CanucMart too. Very quick and efficient for me but that was before all this covid trouble. I've noticed a drop off in performance on many sites across various industries since all this stuff happened. They may just have personnel adjusting to working remotely and that could be affecting your experience. Try to bear with it. It is a good platform
My experience with USAM has been very positive, things seem to move slower and that is fine with me. As a matter of fact getting ready to put up about 10 listings there, everything from tubes to power amps, haven't used them this year but go thru their listings daily. Enjoy the music
my first actual experience on US Audio Mart:

i listed 2 phono cartridges 9pm one night 2 weeks ago, i woke up the next morning to being paid by paypal on one, and by 10am the other was sold and paid for. i shipped both that day. less than 18 hours i’m done.

one guy has become a ’friend’ he has received the cartridge and is very happy. got positive feedback. not heard from the other guy but apparently happy.

cost me 2% on one of them since it was a ’buy now’.

seemed easy to me. it took a little bit to learn the listing process but not bad. and i’m no techie. navigating the site makes Audiogon seem like the stone ages. it's not 'pretty' or elegant but it works.
never a problem for me using USAM
USAM is a great place.
That seems odd, try again or send them an email.  I agree with above USAM is an excellent site.
I’ll toss in as well been using it for years. Mostly the Canuck audio side well before they moved into the USA market and uk market. Never had an issue and never a problem with any sales or purchases. I’d go as far as to say it’s somewhat better then here in one main regard much less dealers adds to sift through. And I like how you can filter better then here 
Recently all my sales but a couple have sold on usam before the same adds here. Been using them for years. No issues

Never had any problems.
You can't send them an Email, no phone #.  It just won't send me an access code. After a 100 tries I gave up.
I never had any luck selling there. It wasn’t for lack of trying. Of course.....
I have one experience with USaudiomart. I bought a transport from a seller. The seller had not responded after four days and 2 phone calls. There was no business with the name as a storefront that was labeled as the sellers storefront when I checked, so I thought I got ripped off. I made a complaint to Usaudiomart. The next day the seller told me he gave me a bad mark "tit for tat" because I did not wait long enough for a reply, then also informed me that the product had already been sold
and he had not taken down the add.

I finally got a response by trying to advertise on their site. I sent their sales dept a note telling them what was going on. Still can't get a code yet.
OK, I finally have a USAudio account. It seems that my email provider was trying to save me from the evils of audio.
@ rickytickytwo  If there was no sale, you should have the negative mark removed.
I guess I owe USAudio Mart an apology, sorry about that.