Is unamplified music the gold standard?

ishkabibil is good.....


Thank *** for Paul.  
It seems to be by many. But not all live music is what I would call standard and there have been several times when I've gone to a concert, arrived back home, put a piece on and had my wife say, "that sounds as good or even better than what we heard."

First off congrats on having a big fan of your sound system!

Forgive me if I am wrong but, you may have taken this post in a different context.
My take on it is the presenter is saying how we judge how good a speaker can replicate an instrument and when building a speaker what he seeks and if it can do well its a good measure on what it might do with other instruments.
So he is saying let's use the sound of a bowed Double Bass vs. an electric Fender Stratocaster guitar which has multiple potentiol nuances to its "sound".


What you like to listen to at home is the gold standard. :)