Is ultimate audio magazine out of business?

I subscribed to ultimate audio magazine never received the summer and fall issue . Called in August I think I got MYles Astor he said they were a little behind in coming out with the next issue. So i subscribed for another two years for $29.95 ON MY CREDIT CARD . I got my credit charge for november and the charge for $29.95 appears and no magazine or replies to my E-mail to ULTIMATE AUDIO. Help if you know anything. Am I out my money?
Give them a call.

Myles Astor
Ultimate Audio
Work Address
1710 1st. Avenue, PMB#227
NYC, NY 10128
Web Site:
I have tried to call them several times for a subscription and a back issue. Always get Myles Astor's voice mail. I left a message but never got a call back. Does sound as they don't care or have gone out of business.
If they have gone out of business and you paid by credit card, your credit card company should assume this debt if you ask them. Call the credit card company and explain the situation. They should make an inquiry and, if you are correct, they should refund your money.
I have been told, by a reliable source, that Ultimate Audio is still in business and has the Fall issue at the printers. I was also told that the follow up issue will come out shortly after.
Well,looks as if somethings awry since they've not gotten their Summer issue to the newstands as of yet. The latest issue has supposedly been "on the way" to the newstands for over three weeks. And Myles is mysteriously missing from all chat rooms. Smells like another audiophile mag has bit the dust!