Is tube Amp more Power...???

Hello everyone, this question flowing the previous question,

I had an old Power Amp McIntosh ratting at 75Wpc. , but after I change to Audio Research VT50 which is rating only at 45w.., but seem, I turn up volume less than the old one in the same loudness.. Why is that??..and seems the sound is more dynamic than the old 75w amp. BTW, I've used small monitor speakers. I'm just would like to know my machine more detail.. Is that Tube Single End or Push pull Amp?.. Or Class A or AB?.. Thank you in advance for answers
The ARC has more gain so you don't need as much preamp volume than you did with the McIntosh. Gain is a ratio so it doesn't have an absolute value.

The amount of detail an amp has is dependant on a lot more than topology alone. There is much overlap so it depends on the specific models you want to compare - and even then, it is subjective.
Thanks Aball, I just would like to know what's type of my VT-50.. Is that a Single End or Push pull Amp?.. Or what class is that A or AB?

Thank you again.
I am not positive but 45W from 2 6550s would seem to indicate push-pull class AB. Arthur