Is Tidal Sunray much more difficult to get high/

extreme performance compared to the Tidal CDSE ? Which amps would you use for either ? Am planning a once in XXX years upgrade to my system. Have some old mac gear MC2720 and C37 power and pre respectively, transport Wadia wt-2000, Wadia Digital 2000 DAC, B and W 804s (being the most recent addition 7-8 years ago !). Read about the Devialet D Premier and thought would do my wife a favor to reduce the amp clutter + more relevantly integrate my AV stuff using the devialet and stream music etc. 3 months later i realized my speakers are not good enough so did the rounds from Wilson to Verity. That then made me realize that i want to go back to ugly amps as the Devialet (which i must now sell at 3 months of age :)) while sounding great and looking gorgeous, wouldnt optimize speakers i might eventually buy. Am debating between tidal contrivas and the sunrays (different price points i know) and wanted to assess if people believed/knew /experienced a Sunray's performance in an open living room format versus that of a Contriva and more importantly if the sunrays would need much more expensive amps to get "value/extreme sound" from ?
Having heard both a few times, I must say that the Sunray is a speaker that is much more demanding than a Contriva. You need more space obviously but the most important thing is that you much spend much more in order to drive the Sunray . The ideal setup for this speaker is 4 monoblock amps with a top class preamplifier....
Well stated my friend! Regards!

thanks very much for the response Geopolitis. Yes twice the power than the CDSE to see the Sunray perform to its abilities is typically needed i understand for all kinds of music (including complex music) though there are SET afficionadoes who claim otherwise. I tend to agree with your comment. I heard the CDSE s with Tidal power and pre amps and it sounded good. This was in a living room. In a very tiny music room, i also heard a piano cera driven by Burmester (not the 911 , something smaller, i want to say 031 or 035 if that makes sense) power amp and the sound was excellent on the same range of music i took with me to both these places. I also read about a Gothenberg show where the Sunrays were driven by 2 burmester 911 s... Any view on Burmester / Tidal combos ?
Which part / comment was well stated :) ? Cheers
depends on your music taste, but i won't like the burmester-tidal combo, and if regarding tube power amp, i blew up mine, 150 watt tube when trying to drive sunray.
now i drive it with friend's ss monoblocks, the sound is more open, not restrained like before.
about contriva vs sunray, well, like geopolitis said, sunray is a more demanding speaker, so you will spend more to bring out its potential, but i can tell you that it is well spent.
Hi ojdeteos
Makes sense.
I like rock and classical amongst other things...
Wow - your tube amp tripped despite being 150 per channel... What about all the people who drive it ( or say they do) with 25 watt SETs...
Ss = ?
Also how much did you pay for your used Sunrays? I checked on Audiogon but they dont have any history on Tidals ( I was happy to subscribe to the blue book but Tidal isn't listed in the menu)
I saw a new focal grand utopia for 32000 USD on audiogon and given that the new sunray and new grande utopia are similar, I couldnt help wondering...
i remembered that the time my amp blew up, i tried more complex music with higher volume... well lesson learned, all my acquaintance laugh when they heard
i think different setup at different room will have have different impact on people. i have tried boulder stereo, karan monoblocks (900 and 2000), cary stereo, i am curious about tidal's own amp, but there are none available here, IMO for now, big karan can make sunray sings very nice.
about the price, i think it will depend on demand, i got mine at a good price from a friend, at agon they usually float at 70K and some at 80K.
Is it all about the power/ current or is the "gain" of the amp / nature of transformers used important too? I ask because I've read about Sunrays driven by burmester 911 monoblocks . I know from listening and then reasoning with experts that burmester bec of its design has a compensating effect on the 50-100 hz region of a speaker ( heard a non sunray tidal and a kaiser kawero with different burmester stereo power amps) and effectively " rocks the bass" more while making classical music edges a bit more rounded ... Thoughts on burmester for sunray and if one 909 mk5 would do or if absolute wattage as you mention is needed?
if you don't buy TIDAL amps or TIDAL LPX
personal i suggest you don't buy Sunray

there is a pair Sunray T1 in Audiogon
only ask for price $59500USD
and maybe you can have more better price after negotiate
this pair already save a lots,what you save can hlep you buy 2 TIDAL impulse amps(active crossover inside)

Sunray is a Heaven/Hell Speaker
without TIDAL amps and Active ,
it will be more eazy put you in the hell
Avantgarden - I bought Sunray speakers and am contemplating impulse amps as you suggest ... Either new or used depending on the availability , pricing etc ... How much better are impulse compared to the flagship impact ? Have you personally heard both side by side by any chance ?


what's your story with Sunray so far? Ended up going active?