Is Tidal, or Spotify going to ever learn??

I’ve been out of the Audio hobby for a couple years but have started putting together a new system and have a rant...

It would appear that not much has changed with Tidal or Spotify since leaving the hobby a few years ago.  Are they ever going to learn that what we are after is the interface and useability of Spotify with the sound quality of Tidal?

It seems like Tidal is really biased towards all of this new mumble rap crap and Jay Z loves to give all of us audiophiles the option to listen to LiL John, LiL Wayne, LilL Boo Boo, LiL Man, LiL 1 awaiting sentencing, in high res. mqa files.  Also, Tidal’s interface is complete crap regarding finding new music that you like.  How about something like Spotify Connect offered with Tidal?

I was holding out hope that Tidal would get its act together but now I’m gunning for Spotify!!  

Come on Spotify, ARE YOU LISTENING??  We are... and we’d prefer the same audio quality as Tidal!

Tidal interface via Bluos app is vastly superior to the direct Tidal app interface imho.

But to be honest I have never had an issue with any Tidal interface.

Just what is it that you feel is much better with Spotify than Tidal interface?

I might be in minority of 1 here .. Lol
I do not like Spotify interface at all.
I’m not familiar with blue os... 

My experience has been that Tidal has serious lag on Kef LS50 wireless’ and in my setup where I’m using my laptop as a server, I can control spotify via my phone where I can not with Tidal.

Also, for my musical tastes, Spotify seems to know and suggest music for me.   With Tidal, I have to dig for it; this has always been the case with me.

I’ll use Spotify to find new, and old music that I like and then search for it and listen to it in Tidal.

The sound in Tidal is noticeably better and I like all the new MQA tracks but I feel like Tidals music selection, for what I’m looking for, has always been limited.

I also feel like Tidal is really slanted towards top 40, i.e. Jay Z, Cardi B, LiL whoever...  Look at thier Mqa selection on the MQA list and see how much mumble rap they have listed there, yet you have to dig and search to find the MQA tracks that I’d listen to.

"lil 1 awaiting sentencing". that's damn funny
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I ONLY use my phone to control streaming and on the phone Tidal inside the Bluos app ( which is the Bluesound control app) is flawless. But I also have a hardwired Ethernet connection for Tidal at my server only.
Wireless with the much higher bit rate compared to Spotify is likely the cause of your lag and dropouts not Tidal per se.

I only listen to rock and I find Tidal has an enormous catalog that I have zero complaints about.

True Spotify and Pandora for that matter do a better job of suggesting music based on my tastes and prior streaming.

But I like to search for my own music anyway.

Like I said I am likely in a minority of one . Lol.
As the OP stated, I love the Spotify catalog and search, but Tidal' search is beyond reprehensible. 
You literally have to input the exact title to get it to be displayed, and if it is something in the Classical genre, don't expect to find it.
I hope Quobuz finally gets their act together...
Must be my Tidal feed as I have no problem finding anything I want but I do only listen to rock.

Maybe I am special!