Is Tidal in trouble?

I saw this posted on another audio website. I am a fan of Tidal and hope Jay-Z and partners know what they are doing??
Not a fan of Jay-Z music...though.
Todays New York Daily News has a related article. (12/13/17)

I use Tidal to stream "master" quality @ $19.99/ month, excellent quality.
what are my options if they close?

They will get purchased.  No worries. Sprint already has 33% ownership in Tidal.  
I wouldn't worry about it, streaming would appear to be a very capital intensive business. The fact that they will achieve profitability in 2018, if true, is very encouraging.
i agree with grannyring--they will almost certainly be acquired. their business model as a standalone company never made sense except to entice a larger purchaser who wants to synergize with their technology and customer base.

I’m streaming Tidal HiFi with my mac mini and a usb Scott Nixon tube dac. It’s pretty good, convenient. I haven’t been having trouble with the remote apps but that’s another situation.

I was researching best "streaming" HiFi on google and these options popped up on a search. Are they the same? The search say’s these are better. I apologize for my ignorance in this :)

Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez
ProStudio Masters

This was the link

@joeeuro Deezer HiFi - not MQA but CD-quality. If you're in Europe, I think Qobuz might have better quality?
Looks like Qobuz is coming to the USA this year, as well.