Is Threshold alive at all ?????

I've heard so many rumors that they are suppose to come back and that was 2 yrs. ago. Heard Chris English is in Texas and then heard they moved to South Carolina for pro audio. Who knows??

Thinking about picking up some old Threshold gear to play around with.
I would not let the meanderings of others that would simply be using the old company's name put you off from buying products that you want or may be interested in. There are others out there that are familiar with the older products and do offer support / repair / upgrades / modifications to these units. Sean
Check out Nelson Pass's web site, Pass Labs
I don't know for a fact, so I could be absolutely wrong, but I suspect that the fine folks at Coda Technologies might be willing to "fix" Threshold gear if service was required. I have several friends with Threshold gear, and none have ever had a problem with it. If it's a major concern I would recommend contacting Coda with the inquiry.

I know nothing about whether "Threshold [is] alive."
Check out their web site: