Is this your final audio system?
Weird. What if you're buried next to someone who doesn't like your choice of music?
You'll have all of eternity to convince him/her otherwise.
My nightmare is a steady diet of Barry Manilow, Rush, Yes, and Foreigner throughout eternity.
Never say never.
You may as well be buried with an iPod and a dead battery, for all the listening you will do.
Far from it! Actually, I am just starting! I will keep buying and experimenting gears forever! Swapping audio gears is actually fun after 30 years of the quest for sound journey!

Until last year I’ve always reminded myself that I should stop buying new or used mediocre or hi-end gears for my sound system. I’ve been hesitating to buy new equipments because it is hard to judge what a new gear would do. Would it make the sound better or worse? IME, all they were just little better or just different sounds. It was no fun or not worth to upgrade gears. In fact, buying experience is more fun than hearing them. I am not talking about just cheap sound system, but the result of my 30 years of audio journey.

Now I have a musical and revealing sound system which tells me every different nuance of sounds of equipments, what is the intention (or mistakes) of a recording engineer in recordings, clear sonic images of lips, tongue, facial and body expressions of singers or performers in good recordings, clear images of realistic sound stage from corner to corner, etc. I’ve working hard to be here. This is what I've been struggling for! Why stop now? True fun starts now!

This will not be my final system for sure. I’ll experiment all kinds of tubes. No SS! SS doesn’t satisfy me completely like tubes. Have you met any SS amp guy with total satisfaction? I haven't. I had and still have many SS amps (for sale). I am totally satisfied with tube gears! I don’t want anything more from my current sound system! They are fine as it is.

I will be buying more gears in control. Not like uncontrollable buying itch or bug! And it will not be upgrading. It is just enjoying different sounds. I may prefer some sound over another such as 845 tubes over 300B.

I’m enjoying let other audiophiles know what they should look forward in listening and buying audio gears. It is easy to convince them “what is the good sound” in my sound system. I’ve been succeeding it without fail this year. I had 4 ladies who visit my studio with their husbands cried or teared after listening music- Celine Deon.

This isn’t my final audio system for sure!
What part of dead do you not understand?
I misunderstood! I read "what you have now is your final system."
If you bring enough pennies with you, you can always bribe the guy in the boat and cross the Styx every time you get the urge to upgrade. Just remember, you have to come back.

All the best,
Its my final system this week!!
Crazy as this seems but back in high school a buddy of mine had a coffin wired for sound! He'd lay in there, lid closed, tunes blasting piping in wacky-tobacky smoke all the while! He loved it, too weird for me! The coffin that is!
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Went to - "'Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Video Makes Its Debut" instead. More iteresting.
This is a hobby and a hobby by its very nature means it always evolves so I think not, for me anyway. There are always new items to try.