Is this upgrade worth it?

My friend has just got his mark levinson 333amp fixed and upgraded from mark levinson.Its still sealed from the company.My question is i'm thinking of selling my electrocompanient 220's(mono) for this amp.He want's $5000.00 for his amp.Is this amp that much better than what i already have?Or am i making a mistake?
There is a Levinson 333 currently listed at $3695 with a sale pending. According to the advertisement, it had a Levinson factory tune-up on 10/16/06. I think that tells the whole story of the value of this amp in relation to your friend's asking price...despite his amp being fixed and upgraded.

Whether the change would be sonically superior and suited to your tastes is only something you can answer.

From purely a dollars perspective, I'd suggest passing on his offer.
OTOH, a ML-333.5 is a true upgrade path from the #333 to the #336 although not
identical. IF THIS IS WHAT HE'S SELLING, it might be worth consideration- supposedly the ".5" upgrade was a serious attempt by levinson to add life/musicality to their austere (read- somewhat analytical-sounding) 331/332/333 series of amplifiers, using much better circuit boards and parts. in addition you'll be getting 300W/channel. again, just be sure that's the "upgrade" your friend is referring to, and not just new caps.
I'll second Tvad's advice, he made you an offer that you CAN refuse.
Second the above as, the Electros you have are good units anyway: it is not evident that they're flawed vs. the ML.
Third that. That should be enough to pass on that offer. Keep hunting, you'll do better...why not post anew and be more specific as to your needs or what you are missing in your present rig. You'll get the amp/amps to look for...IMO..warren :)
Having heard both, I'd have a hard time going ahead with the trade. I like Electrocompaniet, and have nothing against ML, but this sounds like a sideways move.
electros are great
Thanks for allyour replies,I'm not to sure on this upgrade either.Is it really an upgrade,the big thing for me, is it going to sound BETTER??.I think i need more power(current)and maybe thats why i'm thinking of this.It seems like the electrocompanient's don't give me the volume that i would like sometimes.They sound great, but when i turn it up they seem to get drained.Almost like a soft clipping noise.My speakers(Artemis EOS sig/large bass module) can play very loud and I would love get full potential from these speakers.
buy a Pass X350.5 for the same money. a friend sold his 333 for X350.5 and he is a MUCH MUCH happier man now.
Hmmm, from yr Electros' spec'd ~220W/8ohm, 1kHz, medium damping you'd be going to ~300W/8ohm, 1kHz, low damping with the MLs. Not much of a power/energy difference, I'm afraid.

Have you ever tried a very powerful amp on these spkrs -- just to compare & contrast "ease of drive" etc. Say a big Crown pro amp -- on loan of course??
I strongly suggest you try this, just to confirm it's the energy that's lacking (or not, as it were).
Would your friend allow you to hear it in your system?
No i havent tried any hi-current amp's on the speakers,but would love to. .What could make the sound just conk out when it's played a little louder?
Well if he is truely a friend, he would let you hear it in your room w/ your gear for a couple days. Then you would know if it was an upgrade or not. His asking price certainly doesn't say friend, IMHO. Considering most used 333's are selling for under $4K used. Did he spend well over $1K on this alledged upgrade (not including the repair fees)?

It could be me, but I've bought gear from friends, and I've sold gear to friends. We usually get a price discount in the friend's club. If someone wants me to pay more for an item than I could buy the same item for on AudiogoN, I wouldn't consider them a friend as much as I'd consider them a salesman. That's just my humble opinion.