Is this tube sound????

I have just purchased a Jolida 1501 hybrid amp and I need some input from everyone. I've always owned ss amps so I decided to ease into the tubes with the inexpensive Jolida. Vocal artist such as Krall, Buble and others sound great but on other disc such as Kenny Chesney, Billy Joel and Toby Keith the vocals really seem to be in your face with the music not as defined and distinct. My previous amp was a Rotel 1080 and it overall was pretty neutral but a little harsh on the top end. Is this the sound of tube gear or possibly just the actual tubes.

A little more info.... I have Totem Forest speakers and I have a wide variety of music taste at moderate listening levels. I have read that the stock tubes in the Jolida are not great but I didn't want to start the rolling without a little advice.

I'm new to this so I would appreciate any help
The 1501, being an integrated hybrid actually is a SS amp w/ a tube preamp stage. Like you the 1501 was my 1st foray into any kind of tube based gear. What you describe is pretty much what I remember. That was about 7-8 years ago and it is giving you only a slight taste of what tubes can do. It is a pretty good starter amp and I used mine for about a year, but found out there are other options that truely reveal the "magic of tubes". If you roll in some NOS (Telefunken) you will get a more natural sound, but for similar money there are other options in the intgrated tube amp area that will give a better idea of what a tube based sound is.(Remeber the 1501 is a SSamp) I liked it because it had a good solid base drive and a more natural midrange.
The Jolida must put out 100w/ch and the Totem's are 89db effient(?), so an amp with 25-30w/ch should be more than enough to drive the Totem. Don't get me wrong I liked the Jolida & enjoyed it, just that I found others that suited my tastes. I eventually decided that a tube amp is the only way for me. But you should try some better tubes.

Not the clearest answer, hope it helps.
Get rid of it as soon as you can.

Jolida hybrid is not a good start into tubes as it is SS. I had one at one time (NOT SS) and it was a cheap piece of junk.

Audio Note, Wavelength, Art Audio is a good start.

Audio Note OTTO $1600.00 USED will eat the Jolida alive.
The previous response makes some good points. What is not addressed is the fairly poor production quality of most country albums and that Billy Joel was mostly on CBS which tend to be lifeless recordings unless otherwise.

Mercifully, my wife is unable to listen to her country albums on the current system as it glaringly displays the thinness of the recordings.

The Jolida is very decent for your first foray into the tube world and can be helped as mentioned by upgrade in tubes and also a power cord.
the question being asked is:

"is this tube sound" ?

what is tube sound ?

is it the sound of current production tube components, or the sound of components produced 20 , 30 years ago or prior to that ?

i have yet to see a description of the tube sound .

thus, i consider the tube sound in the classic sense. hence , wavelength, audio note, audio research, art audio and conrad johnson--all current production would not be considered , in my opinion , tube sound.
however, the conrad johnson mv125 and perhaps a conrad johnson premier 3 as well as earlier beard products, would be examples of the tube sound.

jolida is not an example of tube sound. it is difficult to find any current production tube products that have the classic tube sound.
your speakers are a difficult match for a tube amp and the hybrid you have is not really representative of what tube magic is all about. the way to go is pick your speakers ( 90db minimum, 8 ohm nominal) and then match up to an amp you like. The Totem's need ss type power because the efficiency is so low...once you have the right speakers there are many tube amp-integrated choices that appear to be in the price range you hint at.
good luck,
You need to be careful.I sold original B&W 803 Nautilus. which are rated 90db +/- 3db.But a nasty impedance swing from nominal 8 ohm load (stated) dropped precipitously to 3.5 db and would eat my 4 watt EL34 40 watt which would run a 8 ohm to 6 ohm bottom speaker with aplomb.With power more is better and tubes given thier cost can end up with some disappointing matches.On other hand if you get to a pus pull tube amp rated at 80-120 (how about used Rogue 120's?) clip more softly and would run insensitive or fine low impedance.Thus many folks opt for tube pre's and SS amps.But if you can afford it step up to used Rogue,Quicksilver,ASL Hurricaines,VTL's etc which offer sane prices for watts provided.Tube rolling NOS is fun for pre's but cost prohibitive for output (though no driver tubes) in power amps.But some have better sound than other.EL34's are great for acoustic music and vocals,more expensive KT88's have better dynamics even at "X" rated power than other tubes.6550's are cost effetive.Get some separates and be it mix of solid state or better tubes all (over 20 years I have ad all iterations as other things in system or my whimsy changes).Alas it comes down to cash but even with "intro" Jolida you'd have liked,I think,all tubes if your speakers could have used ammount of power,to get that warm tube sound even though you might have sightly less tight bass and tightly rolled off highs.An all tube sperates or integrated (love my EAR 834 and buddies Cary SLi80 Integrateds)with speakers that work well with tubes and are your into music other than all heavy metal.
I'll probably start something, but IMO, if you want to know what tubes sound like, you need a tube AMP! The preamp can be to taste. This because the sonic character of a system is determined first and foremost by the speakers (natch!) AND the amp. Everything else has its effect but secondary to those two. There's nothing wrong going with an integrated, but if you want tube sound, then the amp section needs to be tube.
If you want to hear a truly great hybrid amp check out the Pathos. You may get your cake and eat it too. It's more expensive then the Jolida but refined and will drive almost anything out there. There are other very good integrated amps the ONix SP8 40(EL34) watts integrated (Nice), the Cayin (Nice) Prima Luna (Nice). I have a Jolida 502 and I'm moving it very soon. My Modified ST 70/Sound Valves input board tweaked and additional mods done by Tom Tutay and a VanAlstine Super PAS3si sounds marvelous compared to the 1501 and several other amps I have heard. I have heard many amps make the Totems sound good. I think the Pathos will make them sound great. The other amps I mentioned will be close as well. They are in good company.
I'm even driving a pair of Magnepan MG12's and I'm pleased.
The JoLida you have well I'm not surprised you have the hardness and you don't like the top end. Afterall it is a solid state amp. Check out the Pathos you may be in for a real ride.
I owned the JD1501A a while back and had the same experience with the stock tubes. Don't give up on it yet, as its sound does change enormously with tube rolling. What tubes will work best for you is of course system dependent, but I had great luck with a pair of NOS GE 5751s from Upscale Audio. They're bargains for NOS ($20 each matched) and resulted (in my system) in a very balanced, sweet sound from top to bottom. Svetlanas are $10 each and are said to sweeten the mids/highs.

Is the Jolida the greatest amp in the world? Of course not. Can you do better at the price? Maybe, depending on your tastes. But I do think it's an enormous value--I presently have a JD1501RC on order, to replace the NAD that replaced my 1501A. I'm getting new speakers that need more current, and I missed the Jolida besides. For the money, it does an awful lot right.

If you do buy some tubes to roll, at worst they'll help the Joldia's resale value.