Is this the highest realm - 32bit sound -

read somewhere that the hype about playing CDs, ripping them into wav ect ... stems frm the potential of playing the files in an upsample format - 32bit - where more can be heard ...

coorect me if i am wrong but understand that current highest possible is 24/192khz on Red book CDP?

how can a notebook do what the expensive CDP can't??
...understand that current highest possible is
24/192khz on Red book CDP?

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16/44 khz is the highest possible bit/sample rate possible on redbook CDs, not

Redbook CDs can be upsampled to 24/192, but there's no more information
than existed originally. It will just sound different.
how can then real 24/192 be played? dependind on how its recorded?

how can 32bit be achieved?
24/192 is DVD-A. You would need a player that decodes DVD-A and source material on DVD-A.

There are no 24/192 CDs.

Presently, there are 32bit DACs (AKM makes some), but thus far there are no recordings made with a 32 bit rate.
True 32-bit audio represents a dynamic range of more than 192db, which would seem to be overkill in any conceivable home circumstances. It also would seem to be technically unachievable in any meaningful way, because low level electrical noise in the analog parts of the system would swamp the resolution provided by the lower order bits.

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There are no 32-bit analog to digital converters. Actually, I believe there are no true 24-bit converters either. Most DAWs allow 32-bit data storage. It's needed in those applications because of DSP processing both past and anticipated.