Is this the highest price ever paid for an LP?

Granted, it's a rare acetate, but it blew my mind:

More than rare, it appears to the only one in existance. Look at the list of cancellations; it is really hard to tell who is a bonifide bidder and who is a head case. Many of the current top bidders barely have feedback at all. No doubt they want to pay with a Nigerian bank transfer that will exceed the final cost of the auction so that the seller can transfer the "excess" funds back.
Before the days of the internet, Goldmine listed the original test press of the 1st Bob Dylan album. There were six extra tracks that never surfaced to this day. It went for over $600,000. I'd be surprised if the Velvet Underground approached that.
What is the difference between an acetate and a test pressing?
Test pressings are made normally (stamped vinyl) to test the stamper for flaws I guess -- and generally given to various executives, etc.

Acetates are made before even a wax master is made. They are acetate-coated metal discs which are cut with a lathe (from the studio tapes) just like a wax master -- except they can actually be played (just a few times, because they're very soft), and are usually given to the artist for review/approval.
According to an AP report, it was bought for 75 cents four years ago at a Manhattan flea market. Final eBay price was $155,401. [Not to shabby!] There is only one other acetate known in existence.
FatParrot you can find test pressings at record shows or on ebay. There not that uncommon I own a few in my collection. They are the very first copies on vinyl to come out of the factory then promo's then the mass produced. Most of them don't have a side # on them and my Million Dollor Babies by Alice Cooper the songs are sequed different than the ones that were mass produced.
By now everyone should know that the 155K was NOT the highest price paid for anything; the high bidder has admitted that he has "....barely enough money to pay for gas." So those of you that had your checkbooks out will get another crack at this minor anomaly of modern music. The record is scheduled to be back on e-bay shortly.
It's a little over $20K now with three daysleft.
I can't find it...look under what on ebay?
Here's the current link: