Is this sign of getting old?

When I was young in 1970’s, I was a fan of Carpenters, Classical music like Mozart’s requiem, Dvorak’s Cello Concerto and Fritz Wunderlich’s singing "Dichiterliebe" by Schumann.

On the other hand, I had no love for Elvis which I found too rugged.

But during last 2 years, I had been fascinated by Elvis voice.

"Are you lonesome tonight" really touch my mind especially since my wife is not at home to take of her 88 years old mom.

I still like Carpenters, Classical music but add Elvis on top of it.

Is this sign of getting old?
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When one asks questions about getting old... that is a sign one is getting old.


You may be right on the spot.


I listened to DSOTM few times but not impressed.

I would rather take "The Wall"
I am playing "The Wall" right now.

My system of Lansche 4.1 , Line Magnetic 508, Chord Dave and Mscaler give clear and 3 D soundstage with explosive dynamics.

Funny thing is that I did not used to play this kind of music when I was young in 1970’s.
When I was younger I liked AC/DC Thunderstruck but now I prefer Two Cellos Thunderstruck.

No, you are developing wisdom, which allows you to appreciate music that doesn't have the proper label.

I still like Carpenters as if she were my sweetheart.

My musical taste got broadened to some electric rock and musicals as I get older.
If you have to ask, you probably are! My experience has been a little bit opposite, when I was younger I mainly listened to Hard Rock, but as I've gotten older there are a lot of bands that I used to thunk were too "mellow" that I now enjoy more than things that I used to. A couple that come to mind are 10CC and Electric Light Orchestra. I'm also much more open to listening to other genres of music that I never would have in the past.
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Geez shk, if you thought Elvis’ voice was too "rugged" (odd word choice to describe a voice ;-), what do you think of Howlin’ Wolf? Wolf makes Elvis (and just about everyone else) sound like a p*ssy.
If it's too loud you are too old! Just kidding and playing around.
I recently turned 50☹️. As I'm writing this post I am listening to my second system I have amassed in my garage currently listening to 80s hairbands (I know not audiophile material but I still enjoy it )
However I know I'm getting old because I'm already looking forward to enjoying the cool nights of fall along with the cold of winter enjoying Bach, Vivaldi and many other classics.
Happy Listening
Interesting thread, as I am 70 and my listening tastes have expanded, yet I still embrace the songs of my youth.

I love old blues, yes I have John Lee Hooker and Howling Wolf on the playlist in my car.

Yet I have found Eva Cassidy, Chris Issac and Michelle Shocked to add to Brubeck and a wide range of symphonic music to my listening repertoire.

All that said, I am still a Duane Allman guy and early Allman Brothers Band fan.  Just bought a 6 CD set of their performances over 4 days at the Fillmore East.  A must have for a junkie like me.

Age gives perspective and also allows one to venture into new places.  I love turning my nephews on to new old music like Tull or Hocus Pocus by Focus.

I appreciate others finding Sinatra or Count Basie as their journey continues.  One thing I miss from my youth is sharing interesting “new” music with my friends.  Many bands were discovered in sessions of sharing music back in the day.
I love it.  As I edge close to pulling the plug I keep asking that very question over and over, but I am pleased to say that my listening habits have increased with the new upgrades to the sound system.  

Listening to a couple of Claude Bolling duet LPs tonight and they are jumping out at me!  Spectacular.  Does he have a box set someplace?
If you like Duane Allman, listen to him on "Loan Me A Dime" ---The album version. Pure bliss.
Big_greg you should try to get to one of the “Jeff Lynne’s ELO 2019 concert tour dates. I got to see them last week and it really opened up my eyes. It helped to have floor seating in the center. 
Shkong, if you’d been doing the opposite, and just learning to appreciate classical music I’d concur you’re getting older. As it is, learning to like Elvis at a more advanced age might put you in the same bracket as Brad Pitt’s character in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", living his life in reverse. 

I attributed my recent enjoyment of a Shostakovitch recording to a new stereo system, rather than considering my impending dotage as the reason, which may be a more likely scenario.

Still like Howlin’ Wolf though.


@sleepwalker65 I saw them on June 28 in Tacoma. I had great seats on the floor also. One of my favorite shows ever! 
When i was a teenager, i didn’t like Brel, Aznavour, Becaud,...20 years later,i had all the cd’s of them. You grow up,and the meaning of live, changes. You become a music lover, first a “hifi”, after a “high-end”: you discover more the beauty of music :that’s the best thing about music. You enjoy more ! Music is my live, can not live without: it make friends, it’s an expression of what you are. A large part of your personality is in it. It’s a communication with people all over the world !!Enjoy your music and be happy.!! Lukaske
Yes! OLD.

You better plan a trip to Graceland before your time runs out. I thought I would hate it, but I really enjoyed touring Sun Studios and Graceland. And the Duck Walk at the Peabody. Inadvertently met Sam Phillips on the plane ride home. Fascinating person in a then emerging era.

I think our tastes expand (rather than change) as we get more opportunity, more assets, and more time, and our systems become more revealing. 

I truly appreciate what a wonderful voice Elvis had, and Sinatra, and Joan Sutherland, and own a decent amount of recordings of them, including reel to reel, but listen to them very infrequently. An appreciation, magnified by our high quality systems and our acquired ability to listen critically. That can be a joy and a curse as we hear everything wrong as well.

btw, that link is the worst quality Elvis I ever heard.

I just bought two used LP's, Michelle Shocked (has two of my favorite songs, and many new to me), and Melanie, Double LP at Carnegie Hall. I try to decide before buying, will I listen to this more than once? Melanie, certainly, I highly recommend it! It is full of great songs I never heard, performed when at her peak, and a defining moment, 1973. she calls a lull, after flower power, give peace a chance, my generation's idealism faded.

I digress.

When I flip thru my music collection, I am also influenced by whether it is a superior recording, superior musicians playing with the primary artist, i.e. quality, revealed by my system influences my choices beyond favoritism.
Skhong audiophile don’t get old, we stay younger, liking Elvis and Rocks is a good thing, you have now a very good system, and nice train ears, stay young ENjoy....😀
As you get old your system try’s, with no avail, to fend off death by going back to your youth in any manner possible .It’s more a sign of the path we all have to walk down .You can whistle pass the graveyard like above post but its all foolish .
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Thanks all young guys.


Audiophile never get old with enjoying nice rock, classical  and/ or new age.

I wish to enjoy all kind of music until I die.

My collection of CDs are over 2k and it is still going on.


I think you are growing in a good way by appreciating the art of music from other artists, not so much getting older.
Enjoy shkong78 and everyone else. 
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I thought you were going to say that you had hair growing out of your ears!  Elvis has left the building!
There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact, it´s all dark.
No. As you get older and retire you have lots more time on your music. With marriage kids soccer track etc how much time do you have for music. Very little. Since my retirement my music listening prob up 1000 %. I feel it is just matter of not having time. I now listen to the good classical and listen to dozens of artists I never had time for. 
If you liked Carpenters back in the '70s then you were old back then.  You've plateaued over the last 50 years.  Your fascination with Elvis is merely an indication that your musical taste gland is starting to further deteriorate.

What an oddball I am! I must be the Benjamin Button of audio fandom!

I started my adventure in my pre-teens listening to my parent's 78's of Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, The Platters, etc.

Elvis and the Beatles were a staple's Elvis and The Beatles! 

Had some awesome music teachers who turned me on to classical during my teens - 7th grade music class we listened to Switched on Bach...and Tommy!

It wasn't until I approached my 50's that I started appreciating the music of my youth Hard Rock and Hair bands.

Now I just listen to everything!

Fun read!

Thanks Guys
The older I get the better I have become at appreciating an increasingly broader range of music.
We're all getting old. It's about the journey, not the destination.