Is this possible?

I have a friend who tells me that he uses a very low output MC with a SUT and then directly into a line stage...not into a phono stage. I was under the impression ( maybe mistakenly) that one needed at least some kind of phono stage due to the RIAA requirement to utilize a SUT. Thoughts? 
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davey, No way his "linestage" does not have an RIAA equalization circuit after the input gain stage, if it really works.  Not only is RIAA imperative, but also a true linestage input would never have enough gain for the Koetsu to perform properly.
 @tablejockey  Great assumption, as this is the preamp that he is using, and sure enough, he was unaware of the MM input! Runs the SUT into the MM input...:0)  
I was seriously thinking that I needed to go back to analog school...not yet, I guess. 
I know owners of VERY nice equipment and they're not aware of  a feature or two.

Actually, an ideal state of being to exist in. Probably doesn't worry over cable and all the other things we obsess about! Just use it for the music.