Is this possible ....

For listening to music - I have the following:
- Ayre Evolution CD Player
- Audio Research LS 25 mk II Pre-amplifier
- Pass Labs 250.8 Amplifier
- Aerial 10T front speakers.

For TV 
- Aerial Center Channel
- Mirage back Speakers 

I want to buy an AVR that I can use to send signal to all 5 speakers ....
The center channel and back speakers are easy..... but 
How do I sent signal to front Aerial 10T speakers without changing cables ?
The Aerial 10T front speakers are connected to the Pass Labs amplifier which gets its input from the Audio Research Pre-amplifier.

Can I buy an AVR and use it's front speaker pre-out to pass the front speaker signal to the 
Audio Research Preamp -> Pass Labs Amp -> Aerial 10T front speakers ?

I understand that if this were to work that I will need to change input setting on the Pre-amplifier between CD player and some Aux input.

The cat has the correct approach for you. :)

Thank you very much !!!
I really appreciate your help !

Hello - so I get this up with the Marantz AVR model 7012 and I go from the Preout on the Marantz and I go into the (single ended) PreProcessor input on the ARC LS25. I then put the ARC setting to preprocessor and yes it work buy I hear a slight hum or buzz coming from the 2 front Aerial speakers .....

Any idea of why that would be ? and how can I eliminate the buzz ?