Is this possible?

I work as a leasing manager at a very upscale apartment complex and we are creating a home theater room with a 10 foot drop-down projection screen and seven in-ceiling speakers with two in-wall subwoofers. The installers came today to install the amps which turned out to be a Denon AVR-1082 which has 7 channels at 150 watts into 8 ohms. The installer said that the subs were not self powered and he would power them from the receiver. I can only assume that he will splice the rear channels and power the rear 4 speakers off of 2 channles and use the other 2 channels of surround amplification to power the subs. Doesn't this sound like it will create havok on the receiver with the ohm loads? This couldn't possibly result in 7 channel surround more like 5 channel with 7 speakers right? Does anyone know if there is a setting on the 1082 that could have it power woofers or is this guy gonna try and power subs off ofa surround signal and if there is no crossover won't that damage the subs? Is there some kind of setting that will allow those extra channels to only send LFE output? I think this installer is really shady since he claimed that the 1082 cost 2 grand but I know it is discontinued and the MSRP on it used to bu under $1000. Can anyone verify if this is possible or if we are being ripped off.
First and formost, ask for the recipts and dont pay untill you get this sorted out, this looks VERY fishy.

Well first off, the 1082 does not nearly have 150w per channel, might want to check on that.
i think the 1802 does what, 80 x 6?

the 1802 is an older model, here is some history..

the 1800 2800 3800 4800 and 5800 came out,
seems like each year they find some way of upgrading these and they renamed them to 1801, 2801, 3801, next came the 1802-5802, then the 1803 to 5803.

the 4803 model is about 2 grand, the 3803 which i owned recently pumped out 110W x 7.
The 4803 does 125 x 7 i think, and the 5803 does about 170w x 7

The 1802 is last versions bottom end of the 800 series, and you can get one used for about 300 bucks. These are no longer being manufactured.


as for the rear channels powering the subwoofers, it could be done but Crossovers are needed, plus some tricky cabling.

Sounds like the guy is trying to install a system he claims cost alot more than it really is.

If you are managing an upscale apartment, chances are half the residents have better gear than that.
I say you are getting ripped off, cancel any payments and get paperwork on all purchases, get all the model numbers for each individual speaker, amplifier, dvd player, everything.
Then post all the gear on this board along with what he is charging you. You have virtual army of techno-geeks and gear heads here that will give you straight honest answers, and will probably be able to reccommend somebody in your area that is a good honest installer.

if he is claiming the Denon 1802 is 2 grand then he is full of SH*T and trying to screw you.

let us on the gon help! we all hate people that do this crap!
M.s.r.p. on that receiver is $999, It can be had for around $500 if you do a web search. The 150 watts is not full is rated 110 watts all channels 20hz-20khz from the info I find on the web. It does have 5 user reviews listed at He could drive the passive subs with two of the channels as he stated I would think, the info I found on the web for this amp states that amp channels are assignable.

Its only a six channel reciever.

There is one for sale here on the 'gon

100WPC x 6.
Actually i think Sogood is right.

I guess it depends on the model of the Denon

If it is an AVR-1082, then it is 7 x 110w
If it is an AVR-1802, which i thought you were referring to, then it is 90-100W x 6.

Either way i still think you are getting ripped off.

You dont want the rear channels powering the in-wall subwoofers, you should really get seperate amplifiers for that.

When did they discontinue the 1083?
chances are this is used, and certainly it is not a 2k reciever.
The installer is losing a single channel somewhere since this is a 6.1 receiver. That means there should be 6 dedicated speakers, 3 in the front and 3 in the rear. By splicing the rear channels, you only have 2 in the rear. This isn't a big deal, however, since no one will notice that channel anyways (I think).

Can't answer you regarding the resistance problem. That depends on the qualify of the amp and the total amount of resistance of all the speakers added up.
Does this installer have a bunch of speakers in the back of a white van?


There is no real 7.1 decoding, the two rear channels are each a cross of the rear and the surround on the corrosponding side. Its kinda like how pro logic gets multiple channels from 2 channels. Its all matrixed.

either way i would make sure of what you are getting, and for crying out loud, do not let him install a reciever that is no longer made, and that MSRPd for under 1k when he is saying it is a 2k reciever.
Seems awfully sketchy to me.
Might want to get a list of all expenses involved and research each speaker and component to ensure you are not getting ripped off
If your going to be shelling out big buck's, I would make sure he's CEDIA certified. Do a search for CEDIA to learn a little more about the association. It's basically a custom installer association. I'd say you have a better chance of getting what you pay for if their a CEDIA member. I don't think that any CEDIA member would risk there membership by ripping off cutomers. There's to much money to be made by being a member in good standing. I know I've over simplified what CEDIA is, but all the different installer's here in Las Vegas that are CEDIA members, are people who really love what they do. If there's something that I can't do,I call them. If it's something that I know I can do, I call/visit them and they've always told me exactly how to do it. As far as your installer goes, I'd trust my gut instinct. He's already proven himself dishonest. DISCLAIMER: I am not a custom installer, nor am I a CEDIA member.
I believe you will be losing the LFE (.1) sub info by not using the sub pre out to a powered sub amp, also buy using the rear or side speaker amps to power the subs you will be getting only that encoded channel info (full range) to the subs not the LFE or main speaker info.
You could check Denon's web site in discontinued product archive for the product sheet and owners manual for this unit. (FYI: 150 watts into 6 ohms at 1 KHz, <.7% THD; 110 watts into 8 ohms at 20 Hz -20 KHz, <.05% THD).
I hope this helps.
I beleave Viggen is correct in what the installer must do to get the extra amp for sub use. This receiver is a 6.1 (has extra center rear channel amp for 1 center rear speaker) Info for this amp states that the amps are assignable, sounds like he will assign it to sub duty. There will be no loss of LFE channel...there will be 5 channels plus 2 subs for LFE. Limited info also states that there are 7-110 watt amps in this receiver.

The receiver is the 1082 and is seven chanels 150x7 at 6 ohms. I guess what I am really worried about it that he messes up the ohm load for the receiver by powering four speakers off of 2 channels (especially since I doubt he was able to get 12 ohm in-ceiling speakers so that each channel could get 6 ohms). Thanks for your help, I will do my best to get the model # of the speakers but since the building is brand new and still under construction most of the people really don't care that much about being ripped off in the HT (and damn is that frustrating!).
Is the installer the brother-in-law of the builder???HAHAHA