Is this Normal? Zeppelin IV LP sounds horrible

I picked up a copy of Zeppelin IV, one of my favorites. I decided to get an LP copy. I am sad to say that this pressing is honestly one of the worse recordings I have ever heard! Zeppelin stuff is never that "clean" but this is a damn shame. The record is "Near Mint" to "Mint" condition, and I am being conservative. I am curious if anyone has had experience with this pressing, and if someone could direct me to a more "ear friendly" pressing of this timeless classic. { And Yes, I already own the CD }.

Here are the details:
*green, white stripe, and red label
*DIST WEA Canada
*Published by Superhype Music Inc ASCAP
*the inscription on side B says
11/29/79 KSD19129 B#5 XD
*the inscription on side A says
KSD19129 A#4

So lets hear it, vinyl experts.
Canadian vinyl is usually bad. An exception is "Famous Blue Raincoat"
Get the Classic Records version. I am wearing mine out.
Come on now, I don't think you can generalize. WEA distributes the Vinyl, that means nothing about the pressing. For example my Jimmy Hendrix Axis: Bold as love is also a Canadian distribution, WEA. Though, it is a Reprise 6281 Original plate, and kicks some serious @ss. I am new to this and I can be wrong, and if I am please correct me, but from a strictly logical standpoint: original disk = original disk no matter where it is distributed and who it is distributed by.

The classic is not available, sadly. I really like the magic on this album I am determined to hunt down a good copy.

I suppose that the lesson is: don't buy vinyl without an audition, if possible. Some records that are, seemingly, in mint condition may sound horrible, and some records that look beaten up sound great. It also seems as though there is a tremendous amount of variation between different pressings; much more of a dramatic difference then I first anticipated.
U think iv sounds bad try 1 its a hot muddy mess classics reissues are nice but bass shy mothership comp sounds great 4 lp set
IV was not mastered well to begin with and I agree the Classic version is the best I've heard so far, which still leaves much to be desired.

It's a matter of the music meaning more than the sonics.
This is not an original Atlantic pressing; it is a reissue from 1977.

The original was released in 1971 as catalog number SD-7208.

I have both and neither is particularly noteworthy regarding sonics but the reissue is certainly the weaker of the two. It sounds muffled and compressed.

The best of the original Zep albums sonically speaking is Houses of the Holy.
visually mint or near mint means just that. sonics on old records are subject to their enviroment over time. My open copies sounds fine.
I recently bought a copy of Houses of The Holy with a SMAS prefix.That would be a Capitol Record Club issue.On the back it's printed "sold under license from Atlantic Recording Corporation". The front cover is stickered with the Band name and title,plus track listing.I also of course have original atlantic pressing of this LP.A friend brought over "Mothership" on vinyl.Which struck me as clean,yet a bit lifeless.The Record club issue is much cleaner sounding then the original press.My friend was amazed that even he,a non audiophile,could clearly perceive the sonic differences.So getting back to Zep IV.I have The original (poor sonics} RCA record club{even worse} and just purchased a Capitol Record Club on eBay which sounds somewhere between the other two a bit closer to the Atlantic.I have I,II and IV on pre-recorded reel to reel.II is vastly better on reel,as is IV so I wonder why most vinyl on this is poor.LZ I ,i have not gotten around to playing on reel.These are to me only sonic curiousities,as I am no fan of the band.Odd that a band so popular would be so poorly represented sonically.Any comments on quality of their singles?Somewhere I think I have two of them,but God only knows where they are.
I have em all origs reissues classic 1-4 mothership is vastly superior in every facet dont waste your cash on crap get it n roc da house
I am with you, I want to get my hands on the re-issue (classic) and burn this M.F. Down!
The whole albumn on every release is made on a master that is very much intended to sound distorted. Extreme distortion was the mission for this albumn and so you simply failed to do your homework. Evidently you don't have the insert that reminds you to smoke a substance rarely herd of in the sisal family of plant genera until not feeling quite right. It should then be followed by eating so much food that you become nauseated. It was meant to be an art dynamic which involves listeners do as instructed. Otherwise it has no meaning and you are not going to understand the sonic element out context. All published versions require that you do your part. Some even recommend using equipment that is almost in need of repair and will enhance the distortion and always put the volume on 11 or twist it beyond the minimum attenuation. This makes the distortion very pronounced and as long as the blown speakers which you must buy at a thrift shop make sound you will get the point.
Everything from a lousy cover band version to Capitol's test pressing gifts to the producers, the very first A1 A1 hot stampers, all achieve the same important milestone in the cutting edge of creative musical art.
Mechans: if there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now...
Mechans, I hope that was meant to be a joke. I don't know if you play or have ever played a guitar, but you are clearly confusing good distortion with noise. The organ is not meant to be distorted ! How does your argument hold, when much of the surface noise is due to pieces of paper and sand in the recycled vinyl. That has nothing to do with the master tape, or "homework". I am glad it was done on analogue equipment, like all good recordings, but I am not speaking of noise floor. I am speaking of horrible clipping and even surface noise that doesn't sound good to anyone who has done their homework or not, with the exception of you. Why delude yourself into thinking that it was intended to sound bad? Does this absolve you of some guilt for buying poor sounding records? That is foolish. I hit a record spot near by and heard a japan issue, sounds incredible! The fact that Jimmy Page would occasionally insist on single runs is not even a valid excuse, as much can be done later in post production to fix many of these issues. That is really not it at all, this has to do with cheap pressing and recycled vinyl, period. I would like to hear others weigh in on this; if I am wrong please speak up. I would like to learn, but please provide a valid and logical argument.

How could extreme distortion be a goal when you have slow melodic songs on an album. This is not ACDC or Metallica.
LOL! look at all the new releases and reissues, Even page realized he could better the old classics! Case in point Mothership. Just thought I would add that in.
D I just saw yr OP. I have a European pressing. Haven't listened to it in aeons but, still, don't remember the kind of distortion you describe. Must check it out.
BTW, Mechans, I have other LZ too, they're not particularly hot on fuzz boxes, etc (which were used in 70s psychedelia).
I've never heard a standard reissue of IV that sounds decent. I have a UK original first pressing that sounds miles ahead of any of the re-issues I've owned both domestic and UK.

The general concensus is that original George Peckham pressings of this record (both UK and US) with Pecko Duck and Porky in the dead wax are perhaps the best sounding and most desireable pressings of this record; the UK is going to be very pricey but U.S. Pecko/Porky versions would be out there and much more affordable.

The Classic 33RPM gets some good press; it would probably be a good 2nd (but expensive) choice.

Between the 2, there will probably be differences that will be more desireable to individual listeners; probably more subjective than objective as they'll probably both have strengths and weaknesses.

As to Mothership, I haven't heard it, but it is digitally sourced and while remastered digitally sourced material can sometimes result in improvements in some areas, my experience is that ultimately I can't really deal with the compromises that result in other areas and prefer to stick with an analog version but YMMV.