Is this normal?

I recently inquired from one of the sellers here about a product of theirs. They did open the product and used it then repackaged the product.  I asked if pictures could be taken of the product inside the box and this is the response that I was given:

No, sorry. You can't tell the difference in this from a brand new one. It went from the box to a new audio shelf and was used about 50 hrs but probably much less. I am sure more pictures would help with it's sale but sometimes even in this crazy world you just have to trust what someone says. Also I sell on Ebay as xxxxxxxx  so you can check my feedback there and here on Audiogon. Thanks for your interest.

So, is this a normal practice on this site or should I not purchase this product? Just wanting to acquire some feedback seeing as how I am a very new member and this would be my first purchase.

I wouldn't buy from this person. Telling you to trust him/her rather than offering evidence that would justify that trust is not the same. Fishy. 
If something makes you feel unsure about a purchase, don't do it.  You might have a perfect transaction if you went ahead, but as a general rule, if something doesn't seem right, pass.
Anonymous, quote: "I am sure more pictures would help with it's sale but sometimes even in this crazy world you just have to trust what someone says".  

If you are still curious, look up the  member's handle-name and check their feedback.  The seller is either a scammer and thinks people are really stupid, or just a really bad lazy seller. No photos, no proof, no help, buyer beware of this "crazy world" seller.  Pass.    
Everyone! Thanks for your input. I will definitely follow my instincts and not purchase from this seller. I am looking for an Emotiva BasX-100. If anyone knows of a seller of this item please let me know!!
Buy everything new its fun to pay list or maybe get a dealer that will give 20% off.Good luck.
Your instinct may be correct and since you have the doubt it will never go away.
@wodansavatar Looks like the person selling that item you are looking for already sold it here on Agon and has 31 positive feedback items. This might explain part of the short answers, item marked as sold and ad [expired].  
Ah, I see decooney. Well, it definitely wasn't sold at the time of my inquiry. (shrugs) 
No pictures, no buy. I don't care much about feedback, he NEEDS to show what he's selling. I agree, move on.
I agree no pictures no sale.If its too much trouble to post pictures I would pass big time.
I don't like arrogant and conceded people, just me. I won't support their egos even if they have the best equipment, I would buy second best...
There are so many things normal today that wasn’t normal yesterday, not only glitches in listings.