Is This Morgan Freeman?

I was watching a couple of Batman clips on You Tube and then I happened by sheer coincidence to click on this link for Gryphon Cables -

Yes, there is a bit of a lisp and I have the feeling Morgan was trying not to sound quite so "Morgan", but I do think that's him.  Hey - never turn down a good paying gig because the money train IS going to end sooner or later. 
I don't think that it's him.
No, it's not him.
It would be a great impersonation to use when ordering in a fancy restaurant.
Not him. Doesn't have the tonal qualities of speaking from the diaphragm. 

*snicker* Would it really Matter?! C’mon.....*sheesh*

Mr. Freeman hyping cables....Paradise Bluebirds up your tush.....🤣
...early, but...

"Trick or Treat!  What's it gonna be?

The candy...or the front window?!"

...hopeless, really....*LOL*
No, it's Morgan Fairchild.
Then I get to play the Archangel Gab, hacking demons and havin' a damn good time..... ;)

...and you're preferred guise to defend, delineate, define, and declare?

s'"Yes?....Oh, Jez....*big sigh* 'K...."

Draws stick vs. sword....

Well? ;) 
I definitely get some European or European English accent and vocal intonations.  Also, too much midrange in this voice when compared to Morgan Freeman.
I think it’s Samuel Jackson. Buy these M-Fin cables Mu f ah.