Is this Foolish?

OK, as I have stated in earlier threads, I am fairly new to vinyl. I am now converted to the virtues of vinyl, and I am contemplating my next tt and cartridge purchase. I have the other elements of my system in place (Manley 300B amps, Manley Steelhead, Zu Essence speakers).

I have solicited advice on best tt combo for $XX before, but I was thinking that since a cart will last for a few years, maybe I should ask for recommendation for a cartridge first and then try to purchase the table to match the cartridge and the rest of my system for maximum synergy.

Am I foolish to think this way? Recommendations on cartridges? Budget for cart is up to $1500 (plus or minus a little). Listening tastes vary, but current system emphasis is on tone, dynamics, and "live performance" flow rather than absolute accuracy.


Lyra Titan... The table/arm should be in $1500...2500 range than.
I can't think of single table/tonearm combination under $2500 that is capable of optimizing a Lyra Titan i. It's a very difficult cartridge for most tonearms to handle.

The advice preceding mine is highly flawed.

Spend money on a solid table and arm combination. A great table/arm and average cartridge will outperform a great cartridge and average table/arm all day long.

I can prove that here to any visitor.

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Marakanetz, your math is quite unique. Lyra Titan is four or five thousand dollars new. But I would guess that Lyra recommendation is very good nonetheless, just not Titan.
How much are you prepared to spend on table/arm? New or used?
My thinking is that a cart will last 3-5 years with moderate use. I would think the tt should be around the same price as the cart. But, I am more concerned about synergy than price.

Audiofeil is right. The table and arm are much more important than the cart.


What do you like in tangential arms?


What table did you decide on, that will help with the cartridge choice. Also what arm? There is synergy in some combos that is seeming lacking in others. The table is your foundation, the arm/cartridge is next. At least as I look at it.
So, I have seem to have an answer. Select table and arm first, and then look for the cartridge that best matches. Not sure why the other way wouldn't work just as well-- all things being equal.

I was leaning toward the VPI Classic or a Pro-Ject Deck or Music Hall 9.1, but now I think I may take a hard look at a Thorens TD-160. Not sure what to do about the arm for that table. Also considering Wilson Benesch Full Circle.

I want something that compliments my current system, but I don't really want to spend over $3500 all-in. I may need to increase my budget, however.

Audiofeil, what do you recommend for an arm/table/cart to partner with my current gear.

I should specify the Thorens TD-160 HD.

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Thank you for your offline answer to my question.

Bill, thanks for your time offline. You provided some quite useful information.

Yes big time.