Is This even possible

Hello very smart audio ppl.. I am in the middle of something I decided to build and as usual getting much more in-depth than needed. I have a Hollow tree trunk, I took a Valedyne DLS R3500 out of its enclosure and in the bottom of the trunk put the sub in and have cut a space for the amp also ..Inside the trunk I have fiberglass the interior ( i felt that the wood was to soft to keep and get a good sound ) then ported it etc..Ok ,Onto speakers ..This treeĀ  is going to be a damn jammin tree that should when completed be loud,clear and cool and not see any speakers etc..So on the amp i have input and out put I have the input handled,,there is a set wires dedicated to the sub and i have a left and right chanel out put . Here is where im maybe overthinking?. I can right now install one Knight KN612HC which sound damn good and that ONE speaker can handle a entire left or right chanell and the way i have it ( straight luck) if i can figure out a way to wire that ONE speaker from the output of the amp for both left and right chanell...Please google that speaker to ..because if so no one will see any speaker and ill have a sub and speakers and a amp in this tree trunk ..
You guys are overthinking this. It's an outdoor party system. It doesn't have to be "optimized" or anything remotely close. It just has to play loud and clean and thump. No one is going to care after about 8 beers.


Not quite what you want but something to consider.Brian Eno connected one speaker cable to the negative output at the amp of the right speaker and one speaker cable at the amp to the positive output on the left speaker,this grabbed an alternative stereo signal to accentuate the existing signal coming from the left and right speakers.An early form of surround sound.
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