Is this Cartridge Alignment good?

Hi all,

I just got a new MP-110 and have aligned it. Im using a RB110 tonearm for rega planar 1
I used elvon alignment for 9" arms

Theres 2 points on the alignment protractor, A and B. A is the outside alignment and B is in the inner grooves.
for point A it aligns perfectly and if I were to move it, it would not align perfect but for point B it does not align perfect, can I get any suggestions for why it would align for point A but not for point B?

I have provided pictures

Any help is appreciated, thank you
Shows that both positions are incorrectly adjusted.
Move your cartridge forward a bit and a slight twist if not aligned by that.
That should work.

to petg:

I can see how point B towards inside is not adjusted correctly but I see point A is aligned perfect? doesn't it need to be flush straight with the black lines?
With correct alignment the stylus will touch perfectly dead center in that circle. I can see dead center in every photo but no stylus in any of them so that tells me your overhang is wrong. Correct it like petg60 said and you should be fine.
Yeah, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades... that cart is way off. Take the time to get it perfect. You will be happy you did. It takes patience. But it’s worth it.
Yeah well big picture the error he is looking at here is less than the normal tracking error as the arm moves across a record. People fuss over every micron often times forgetting that micron only matters at two infinitely small points per side.
Roger, There are two parameters you have to adjust. They are overhang, which you adjust by sliding the cartridge back and forth in the slots in the head shell and offset angle which you adjust by twisting the cartridge in the horizontal plane. Using a combination of the two going back and forth between the two points you should be able to get it right. Defeat the anti skate and it will be easier to keep the stylus right on the cross. In pictures A the stylus is probably not on the target cross. In picture B you need to push the cartridge a little farther out (increase overhang) and give it a little twist counter clock wise. Then check it at point A again.
There is a point for stylus tip, but your stylus is not there, the rest is irrelevant. Make sure the stylus tip (diamond) is exactly on point, then you can twist your cartridge. You did everything wrong.
The cartridge looks tweaked in both instances make sure everything is aligned a bit better and i believe you will hit both points accurately.
Mijo is on the right track.  Properly aligned, a cartridge will be perfectly aligned at two points on its arc across the record.  Simple protractors give you those two points.  If it only aligns at one, more tweaking is required.  If you have the means, I highly recommend a more advanced protractor that uses the tonearm horizontal pivot as a reference, like the Dennesen Soundtractor (if you can find one.)  Makes quick work of overhang and offset.