Is this bad for the amp?


My first post on Agon =)
I recently bought a Rotel RMB-1095 and haven't put it on my TV stand yet. Just notice my stand has an opening of only 10.5" high, and the Rotel is listed as 9 3/8" high. Is this bad for the amp to have such a low top clearance, in particular for this Rotel amp? Does the Rotel runs hot easily and will this constrained space limits the ventilation too much? This is on a glass stand, with 1-1.5 feet from the back wall, 1 side is open and the other side will be the prepro (2"-3" from prepro).

Do you think it will be ok? I don't run at very high levels and this is mainly for music listening. Also, does the amp dimension including the mounting feet (i hope it does!)?

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I wouldn't be comfortable with a 1 inch clearance. I would say 2 minimum to allow for boundary layer interference flow and 3 or more for high power movies and such. I assume the back of the stand is open.

not sure what you can do at this point. It is one of those things you needed to think of before the purchase! You can try it and see how hot it gets and make your own decision but I personally wouldn't put it in such a cramped space.
I'm with Aball on this one. At that clearance, there just is not enough room for the amp to breath. I owned a 1095 and had the same problem....the cure, longer IC's and I put the unit to the side of the stand
Good luck with ever you decide
That's pretty close. If you intend to leave it there, put a fan behind it.
try to place it on the floor arround your TV stand. i guess it's not a biggie unless you're experiencing large waf problems.