Is this an Upgrade or a Lateral Move?

So, what I think may be "upgradeitis" is starting to hit. My Mom passed away from COVID this past April and, as part of my grief protocol, I’ve been listening to A LOT of music. I’ve had a BAT VK-3i preamp since ’03 and really dig it. I was thinking about moving to a BAT VK-33 (not the "se") which is dual mono ... the VK-3i isn’t. Otherwise, the two preamps are very similar in structure (e.g., xlr and rca outputs/inputs), and the VK-33 appears to me to be somewhat of an update of the VK-3i. So, the question is ... would the move be an upgrade or a lateral move? BTW, I’m using BAT VK-225se power amp (I like the BAT synergy) and JA Pulsars (v1). What say ye?
My sympathies for your loss.

I owned a BAT VK30 many years ago... is was easy on the eyes, but an under-performer sonically.  Recommend you get off the BAT train and explore other options.  I had good luck with Aesthetix Calypso and Calypso Signature paired with high quality NOS tubes.  Many other great options out there as well... VAC, Conrad Johnson 17LS, Audio Research, Lamm, Luxman, Rogue.
-Hard to make recommendations without knowing what the rest of your system comprises.
@gdnrbob ... my system consists of the following: BAT VK-3i preamp, BAT VK-225se power amp, Joseph Audio Pulsar speakers (v1), Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D CD disc player, Magna Dynalab MD-102 FM Tuner, and Nakamichi DR-8 Cassette Deck.
John Atkinson's Stereophile measurements indicate Pulsars are easy to drive...  "the Pulsar is an easy load for the partnering amplifier to drive. Not only is the phase angle relatively low, the impedance remains above 8 ohms for most of the audioband, dropping below that value only in the lower midrange, to reach a minimum magnitude of 6.5 ohms at 210Hz."
I recommend you consider going with a tube integrated such as Linear Tube Audio Z40 or a Line Magnetic LM-508IA.  If you haven't tried an all tube system, you are in for a treat!
FWIW, I had a vk3i many years ago, late 90s. I won a VK-30 in an online contest and while waiting for it to be delivered, I sold the 3i. This was a mistake because to my ears the 3i was the better preamp. I didn't keep the 30 long before I moved it on out. 

rlb61, I'm very sorry about your Mom. Some good music, maybe some she liked will help.
Thanks to everyone for your condolences. They are very much appreciated. In this difficult time, music has been my solace, both from a listening and playing perspective. 
My condolences on the loss of your mom. And music is so healing I am glad it's helping you rlb61.
I think you will be moving sideways as you say the circuits are practically the same . See if you might be able to actually hear the piece in your system before commiting yourself. If not try going for a more upper level Bat preamp . 
@mcmvmx ... yes, the circuits appear to be similar. The only major difference that I can discern is that the VK-33 is dual mono and the VK-3i is not.
I am very sorry to hear of your loss, I wish you and the rest of your family the best dealing with it.

Sorry to hear of your loss. Can't help on the BAT issue. Do know BAT is good gear.