Is this an ugly speaker? TAS cover 10/2017

I thought the Wilson Audio Alex and Alexandria XLF was ugly, but now this. Not a good WAF.
Your opinion of the Wilson WAMM Master Chronosonic for $685k a pair?
Looks like a giant plastic ski boot or something on the Nostromo in Ridley Scott's masterpiece.

Not my "cup of tea" 
Strictly made for a private room where the Wife is not allowed to enter. One thing I'd like to hear "Honey could you move the speakers I have to vacuum".
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Looks like what visionary in the '60s thought a fold down ironing board with all the compartments for detergent and softeners would look like.
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Who cares how it looks? It is not a WAF issue because anyone who can afford that those speakers will have a dedicated listening room.
I am going to provide a cynical response- no wife of any guy who buys a $685,000 pair of speakers is going to utter a single word of displeasure over any aspect of the speakers, unless she is solely the monied one in the marriage. 
Speaker design has now reached a new height of ugliness! The Chronosonic reminds me of an ALIEN with jaws open and about to devour a hapless listener!!! Scary! It would give your domestic partner a simultaneous coronary and stroke if you brought it home! Jeez, 3000+ lbs!!! Wait for the optional backhoe attachment to dig a deeper foundation for those hefty subs!
Looks like transformers. They all look similar. Not particularly pretty. And at 685k....really?
I was at a Wilson Audio event in Southern California. The dealer was playing the most expensive Wilson speaker (do not remember the model #). The sound was good but as usual with Wilson’s I thought the sweet spot was too small for my tastes.

I had my wife with me for this demo. The head of Wilson Sales is also there and he and I are having a conversation about something. My wife walks over to me and I introduce her to the WIlson rep. First thing she says to him was, "Why are those speakers so ugly. They look like Darth Vadar". I had to do some quick jokes to get both of us out of that conversation.\

I just clicked on the TAS link. The speaker we saw looked exactly like the model in the TAS article.
If you offer cash you can get these for $682,000. Wilson has that robot esthetic dialed in and I imagine these things sound fine…in the right room of course, and do they have a 30 day return policy? I want to see the look on the face of the audio shop owner when you return these things…"Sorry man, they just aren't up to my Foo Fighter vinyl…I crave the essence of a Trini Lopez." I'll wait until they come on the used  market and I can snap up a pair at maybe $500,000, or just wonder why I enjoy my relatively inexpensive gear as much as I do. I  assume I'm delusional…but it works for me.
I don’t have anymore cash leftover from getting these speakers for my source, amp and preamp. Has anyone tried hooking these Wilsons up to the external speaker output of an older Panasonic boombox? I do have some zip cord?
I can picture a cat scaling these things. ( This happened to a friend 35 years ago with a pair of Maggies). 
It is so bad we need to start talking about the HAF (husband acceptance factor)
I would be afraid to listen in the dark with those around. May make your guests quite uncomfortable as well! I like the “Transformer” analogy.

Love it when they come out with something like that.

Raises the WAF of my Maxx 2s about three steps!
Looks like an updated version of a Dalek at rest...literally 'killer sound'.

You too can put a whole new spin on 'death metal'....;)
If the sound is exceptional that's all the aesthetics that are required.  I could care less about how they look as they're not a fashion statement for me.
Slightly mutated Bose on anabolic steroids, ridiculous and possibly impotent.
If it had a bit more sparkle, it would look great in Trump's golden palace! At least, the price is right...

How do they sound?  If I had the money and the inclination, that would be my first question.
well they are rather hideous, when some one can make a speaker in the same price range that looks like the Vox Olympians  why would you make something so strange looking like these. At least make them nicer to look at a little maybe.
It doesn't matter to potential buyers how they sound.
Here is a joke.
One man from a third world country is saying to his friend from the same country:
- Recently when I was in Paris I bought there a tie for 200 euros.
Another man says:
- You are stupid. I bought the same tie in Paris for 300 euros.

I thought the Wilson Audio Alex and Alexandria XLF was ugly, but now this. Not a good WAF.
It is a Wilson Design. Don’t be too negative. In this price area no one asks for WAF or something like that. Those owners have own listening rooms and normally it is WFA (Woman Free Area) :-)
Right.  It looks like a Wilson speaker.  I happen to like the way it looks.  Others don't. So?
Aesthetics are very personal and everyone is entitled to their opinion.
Our opinions on the speaker’s appearance were solicited on this thread.
Of course there's not going to total agreement.
It looks like a Transformer version of Alien. However, if they sounded phenomenal to me, I would be interested in them if they could discount them by 99.5%