Is this an antique or junk?

I ran across an old Garrard turntable Model 88 MK II made in Germany, Plays 33-45-78-16. This is the first I have seen a 16 speed on a turntable. It does work but needs a new cartridge. Is this something that may be worth something to somebody?
Also, can somebody enlighten the young about what the speed 16 played?
16 rpm was used mostly for recorded voice, especially radio skits, readings for the blind, etc. A few musical recording were made, I even think a few jazz recordings in the 50's, but not many.

Don't know much about that Garrard, except it is a 50's model. There's one on E-Bay now for parts at about $12.50
Junk. This model is a record changer, should be called a "record mangler."
SOmeone will want the TT to transcribe old 78 rpm records I would think. Music collectors have lots of old records from the 50's and back in that speed. You cannot get a new deck to play that very easily. They might put on a different tonearm, depending on the original, and a cartridge with the special mono stylus, but there is no other way to get the old records transcribed to digital or something.