Is this amplifier enough for Revel M20s?

Hi all. I'm thinking of buying the Revel M20s and was wondering if my amplifier, a Musical Fidelity A300, has the sufficient power to drive this speakers with ease? Since I don't have a dealer of Revel near me to audition the speakers with my amp, I wanted to ask for some help here at Audigon. Thanks a lot in advance for any comment.....jorge_err
My B&K AVR 307 drives them just fine. Not sure what power your amp puts out.

Great choice for speakers!
This amp puts out 150W p/c at 8ohms, 250W at 4ohms. Jdcmac12, what about your AVR? thanks.
Yes, more than enough. They can take a hell of a lot, but your amp will do them fine.
The B&K is 150 watts at 8 ohms and 185 watts at 4 ohms.