Is this amp sufficient to drive my 803D

Krell 400xi

rated at 200 watts and 400 watts into 4 ohm

room size 16w length 32 feet. height 8 feet
I listen to a lot of rock music and jazz

Im using a rxv2300 yamaha receiver as my source currently
and red wine i pod
blue jeans cables,10guage

your thoughts greatly appreciated

Looking at the measurements in Stereophile of the B&W 802D and with the size of your room, I'd probably look for something rated into 2 ohms (the 803D has a min. 3 ohm impedance) or something with greater power at 4 ohms. But, it depends on how loud you listen and how far away you sit from the speakers.

Maybe Bryston 4B SST. Krell KAV250a. Assuming you can biamp the speakers, another option would be a multichannel amp, e.g., ATI AT2004 or AT3004.
Bob, thanks for the response,

Currently I have the amp and blue jeans cables biamped to the speakers bare and banana plugs

Yes I love to listen to music very loud
but, most of the time due to constraints
most of the time im 14 feet away

Would a bigger amp open up the speakers at lower listening volumes?

Your listening distance is pretty far. Are the speakers on the long wall of your room? If so, doesn't that put the listening position close to the rear wall?

So you are currently driving the low and high speaker posts with 110W amps, right? Having more power on the low would probably be worthwhile. The 802D was a tougher load in the bass. I'd seriously look at the ATI AT3004.

Would a bigger amp open up the speakers at lower listening volumes?
I don't see how unless what you consider to be low volume exceeds the current capability of your receiver.
Bob sorry should of clarified this better

currently I have the Krell 400xi hooked up to the B&w 803D biamped 20 inches from the rear wall

I'm using a Yamaha receiver for the fm tuner purposes only!

Im just curious to hear if there are better alternatives for amps given the size of the room im in for listening

I will definitely check out those ATI amps! lots of power!
Isn't the Krell KAV-400xi a stereo amp? It sounds like you are biwiring, not biamping.
Yes correct Bob, Bi wired, not Biamped

Would biamping be better, I have a Sony Tan 9000es power amp lying around, would this be usable?
An AVA FetValve Ultra 550 would work well for you. Over 250wpc and stable to 2 ohms. And sounds fab with B&W with stock tubes (though cannot recall if I heard it driving 803 or 804). (Disclaimer - I have one for sale.)
David, it's my understanding that even with passive biamping, as you would be doing, there is a reduction of intermodulation distortion. Biamping is most easily setup with amps that have identical voltage gain.

When the gain doesn't match you have to insert an attenuator in front of the amp with the larger gain so that you can force the output voltages to match. It's usually not worth the effort.

Either a pair of stereo amps or a four-channel amp would work.
you're need to bi wire either

I have noticed a big difference when bi wiring to the speakers, bigger base, and stage,
even improvement when using banana plugs, instead of bare wire these speakers are very revealing ,let you know your components your using!!

Your very correct, its probably is better to go with matching amps,that have identical voltage gain

makes a lot of sense,

I should have known that I took a little electronics at the College lol