Is This Amp OK for This Speaker?

I have a Dynaudio Contour T2.1 Center Channel speaker, impedance listed at 6 ohms. Also have a Marantz SM-80 (bridged/mono) that I want to use to drive the Contour T2.1.

Specs for the SM-80:

Rated power output (20 Hz-20 kHz)
8 ohms RMS...100 Wx2
4 ohms RMS...150 Wx2
8 ohms mono...300 Wx1

Back of the amp, at the speaker terminals, reads 2CH minimum 4 ohms, Mono (bridged) 8 ohms.

Any issues with the SM-80 driving the Contour T2.1?
Hi Steven,

I think you should be fine. Center Channel is highly unlikely to require huge demands from an amp, and yours has specs that look pretty good.

FYI, if your speaker were a full range speaker with a 6ohm impedance, there probably would be more questions required before one could make a proper assessment. The reason is that the 'nominal 6ohm' load does not mean there is not some nasty 2ohm load in a certain part of the frequency spectrum which could tax your amp. Generally, many large tower speakers also could use a lot more juice to be driven well, regardless of the impedance load.

Again, though, yours is a center channel speaker so you should be in good shape. Good luck and enjoy!

Thanks for the reply. The Dynaudio Contour T2.1 has specs more typical of a full (or fuller) range speaker: Sensitivity 86dB, FR 32 Hz - 25 kHz.

Thinking there are more suitable amps than the SM-80 bridged.
Yes it is going to work "fine" but a better amp will give you finer results.
Hi Steven,

The center channel may well have broader specs...but i strongly suspect that the information provided to it by your process will probably end up limiting its performance to a very manageable range for the amp.

i would be quite surprised if the process put 32hz-60hz through the center channel too much...i admit i could be wrong, but even if it did...i am confident the processor would put much more of that energy through your main speakers plus your sub.
Actually, the center channel is the most important speaker in a HT... in a normal movie, about 70% of all sound involves the center channel.

Will it work? Yes. But I would try to find an amp that matches your L/R for the center (mind you, not say the same amp, but one that sounds about the same... and of same quality)
Thanks for the replies. I will likely go with a different amp