Is this a problem?

I recently upgraded my old stereo system and was cleaning up the Sony STR AV720 receiver to give it to a relative. As I was cleaning inside, I noticed this white substance at the bottom of the output capacitors (wanted to attach photo but don't see a way to do that).  It is like a paste or grease.  Is that a problem (leak?) or is it normal? The unit seems to work fine. I don't want to give away equipment to a loved one that has a problem.  
Most likely it is white RTV silicon adhesive, used to prevent larger components from vibration. 
It's an old model. I'd imagine it has a direct coupled output stage and the capacitors in question are in the power supply. It is likely they are leaking especially if it's been idle. Turn it up loud and see if it distorts. If not, it's probably fine for the moment.