Is this a good deal for a used system??

rotel rsp-1068
rotel rmb-1075
definitive bp 3000 tl
definitive clr 3000
definitive bpvx
monster cable hts-5000
Im just looking to get a good surround is system for movies and music. I did some research and found out that theses components when bought new were about $10.000. I just came across this for package deal for $4000.00. The issue that i have is that the speakers are 5 yrs old and the rotel equipment is 2 yrs old. Is this a good idea to buy a system that is this old? Any advice?? Is this a deal or no deal situation?? Thank you for your time.
The age should not be an issue with good equipment. If the speakers use modern drivers they should last far longer than you are likely to keep them. Electronics also last a long time if they are good quality, I am currently using in my video system a Tandberg amp from the mid 80s that I purchased used in 91. As to value have no advice as not familiar with them.
I would pass on it. The newer receivers have made a quantum leap in technology. I've never been a big fan of Difinitive speakers either.

Do yourself a favor and hit up some audio video salons for some demos of new equipment. It will blow your mind how good the new audio codecs on Blu Ray discs sound.
A good AV receiver and DVD/Cd will run about $700 new.That leaves you about $3300 for 5 speakers and sub.Might pass.
The 1068 is not a reciever (I own one) and its value is about $600-$700 used and same for amp ($650).
The Monster unit may be worth $250.
The Def Tech CLR300 May be worth $450.
The Def Tech 3000 mains maybe a bit more
The Def Tech surrounds a bit less
I would say you could or should be able to do this for $3000 or a bit more, but $4000 I would walk away, its not a deal. Cheers
I have sold/dealt in all of the above equipment over the years. The system offers lots of dynamics and slam for movies and dynamic music, as pretty good overall clarity and detail.
The Rotel is descent enough sounding on it's own. However, no new technology - especially critical EQ circuits or DSP room correction. I would rather see you with some new receiver using an outboard multi-channel amp, or budget AV pre/pro with those Def Tech's - preferably with the ability to EQ the room a bit, to smooth nasty peaks in the bass, predominently. This is invaluable, believe me.
I actually liked the balance of the BP2000's, but the 3000's are good with more neutral separates gear.
I would recommend, if you had the room, that the 3000's would serve you well. But you need an EQ, and a large room for those really.
Price? Um, I know you can find better deals if you shop around, and wait a bit. I would try to negotiate them down on such older gear. I think $2400 would be better deal. I might suggest $2k for the speakers or better, and look for better separates with them. The Emotiva separates come to mind with those speakers, for a screamin deal! - and,they'd match up well.
What I liked about those powered Def Tech's was theif focused sound, and super dynamic bass! (powered woofers). You'll be VERY hard pressed to find more powerful sounding loudspeakers out there. And, if the price is right, it's a good start if you have the room.
Don't listen to what overlly critical, otherwise biased audiophiles say (they have flee-powered and delicate stuff for Dianna Krall - lol)
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If it does not take and process HDMI info then pass! There are allot of DVD players that will not pass DTS-HD except through HDMI (Sony PS3). Do not purchase any unit that can't take HDMI 1.2 or better. Some older units only have HDMI as a switch and can't process any of the info on it. If your budget is $4k look at Emotiva. 7 channel amp $550.00 their processor with HDMI (not available yet, but $700), then get a good used set of speakers and sub for the rest. I've heard Emotiva stuff. It's really good for the money! My HT system is $13K not including the DVD or TV and I would be very happy with Emotiva.