Is this a audioquest cable counterfeit fake?

I purchased a Diamond Audioquest USB cable here from a seller and I received is nothing like my audioquest diamond cable. The packaging was also different from the one in the listing.

The packaging does not look or match any of my other audioquest packages.

I've highlighted everything in red for comparison.

Anyone want to give their thoughts on the matter?


I once bought a fancy”Audioquest” hdmi cable on eBay at about 10% of retail as an experiment. Was it fake? You bet! Did it work? Yes, but a real Audioquest cable that I had (a supposedly cheaper model) had much more vivid picture.


ebay has turned into a cesspool. 15 years ago it was an exciting place to buy stuff (I got a great deal on a very nice Stellarvue app refractor, you can’t fake Starlight instruments focused!). 

Don't buy from China or Hong Kong on EBay, is my advice.

I just purchased a cart from him. Dude is fantastic. It was overnited from Hong Kong and I didn't ask nor pay for it. My second purchase from him and he's flawless. Be careful jumping to such broad claims.