Is theRega Saturn a major upgrade over the Apollo

I have had a Rega Apollo for almost 4 years. IS THE REGA SATURN a major upgrade over the Apollo?? If so, in what areas?? If not..... what current CD player will outperform the Apollo, but be similar in sound??

I have considered buying a Peachtree Dac*it to upgrade the Apollo's playback sound quality, but it seems the DAC*it is adveritized as a unit for decoding computer files. The new Musical Fidelity V-DAC II is $100 less money and advertizes that it improves CD playback.

I have heard the Peachtree unit, but not the Musical Fidelity V-DAC II which I hope is much better than MF's standard entry level units...The MF budget phono stage is terrible. I will appreciate any input on the above questions and issues. Thank you
No experience here, but I've read about the Rega DAC, and using the Apollo as a transport, that fellow's opinion was that it surpassed the performance of the Apollo and Saturn players.

A big plus is that you can audition the Rega DAC, and if you don't like what it adds to your system, you can return it. So this is risk free minus shipping. I also read that the Rega DAC has the Rega house sound. And all this for less than the cost of a Saturn. Trying the DAC with your Apollo seems like a slam dunk to me. Whatever you do, good luck, and let us know of your experiences.
Rega dealer here****

I think Foster 9 makes a great suggestion for you to think about. The Apollo + Rega DAC is an excellent combination. This would get you close, if not even to, the sound of a Saturn. With the new retail price of the Saturn (1895), if you were starting from scratch and buying either the Apollo+dac or the Saturn, it would be a tough call. But since you already have the Apollo, I would try out adding the DAC.

I haven't heard the MF V-DAC II. If its anything like the original, which I'm lead to believe it is (I think the only difference is asynch USB), everything you've mentioned is way above it. There's no comparison. If there was, I'd have happily bought it and saved quite a bit of money over the Rega DAC.
Cambridge 840 is a nice choice as well.
Rega dac with old oppo DVD player bested the 840c in my comparison.

The good thing about all the DACs mentioned is you can audition in your system, hear the performance and return within 30 days if dissatisfied. If only that were true for so many other audio components. In the majority of gear, you buy it, you own it.
"Cambridge 840 is a nice choice as well."

Indeed it is, if your preference is for flat, analytical sound, it is the player for you.

Don't know if this helps but.....back in the day, I owned both the 2000 Planet and then the Saturn. The Planet blew away the more expensive Saturn and I wasn't the only one who thought that. Not just in my system, but someone I spoke with over the phone half way across the country felt the same. So, don't assume that the more expensive player will be better.