Is there way to stop mold due to water damage?

What a fool I was! Two thirds of my record collection was on the floor against an outside wall. Bad idea. In the space of just a few days, they absorbed moisture as much as half-way up their jackets and, in many cases, didn't just start to rot, but melded together. Alas, my record collection, begun as a youth, is, for the most part, no longer collectable.
I've obtained a Nitty Gritty and have begun the laborious task of cleaning the mold/mildew off all the vinyl. Here's how I'm restoring them: I've "dried out" the albums as best I could by putting them on "open" racks made with 2x4s with open spaces in the bottom and running fans at them with the air conditioning on as a dehumidifier. Then, I use Last Power Cleaner with a fresh applicator on each one. Next, I put them each through the Nitty Gritty. After that, I put on Last preservative. Finally, I put them all in new non-porous inner sleeves, as well as, putting the record in a new plastic jacket.
Is there anything else I should be doing? Specifically, is there some way to further arrest the jackets' deterioration? Oh, and don't feel sorry for me. I've never used Power Cleaner or a record cleaning machine before and my LPs have never sounded better! And, it's the music that matters, right? (I tell myself that over and over.)
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Something that we used to do for flooding at a company that i worked for was to take and have books, documents, lp's, etc... freeze-dried and then dehydrated. Try contacting a local business that does fire and flood restoration and see if they offer this service or can recommend something else.

Other than that, while having "collectables" is nice, you really should be glad that you're able to salvage the discs themselves. We had a fire in our house many years ago and it melted the 2000+ lp's that i had at the time. At the time that this happened, i was about 19 - 20 years old, so that should tell you how much i was into music as a "youth". Between this, the audio system and all the damage done to the house, it wasn't a very happy event. Best wishes and good luck !!! Sean
Thanks for the advice and kind words, Sean. And you're absolutely right, of course, I should count my blessings that I still have all that wonderful music to enjoy.