Is there such a thing as a good analogue turntable

I've read and participated in the forums for some time, but have not seen mention of automatic or semiautomatic turntables, perhaps for good reason. I have reason, though, to find one but do not want to compromise some very good amplification. I once had a B & O lateral tone arm (forget the model number) table, but that broke down after parts were no longer available. Thanks in advance for any help.
Thorens builds some excellent semi-automatic turntables. In the 1980's, I had a TD-126 Mk3 and thought it offered very good performance. I don't know which specific Thorens model to suggest to you, but their build quality has remained very high (good ole Swiss standards...), so find the model that suits your needs and give it a try.
No longer made but Harman-Kardon T-60 or T-65 is probably as good as it gets with auto-lift capability. The lift mechanism is optical, I believe, and does not interfere mechanically with the arm. Better than comparable Thorens way back when. What is available new today in auto-lift is pretty thin I would think. Thorens may still be building them. In which case if that feature is a must for you, it could be the answer. I would suggest a manual table with a better arm and trying to find an Audio-Technica lifting device.
You could look at the Dual turntables also.
There are also some simple add on gizmos that will lift the arm @ the end of play (on manual TT's) but the platter keeps spinning. All of the mechanics are contained in the "add on" and they usually just "stick" to the top of the TT and require no mods. I would like to add one of these to my manual deck @ some point for those times when I am busy and/or fall off to sleep while listening.
The top of the line Rotel RP955 was fully automatic I believe. I also think it could have been designed by Rega.
I will check on all of the suggestions made. Thanks much for the help.
Yamaha PX-2 linear tracking circa 1980.

Rare, difficult to service (?) but an excellent, fully automatic turntable.
Express Machining makes an economical automatic tonearm lifter: refer to this archived thread.
The Lift can be easily added to many makes & models. It's an easy stick-on installation.
Oracle Alexandria is an excellent semi-automatic turntable. If you want one of those add on arm lifters drop me a note. Best, Jeff