Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?

I know I might be talking about rehab in a back alley, but here it goes.

I've been looking to upgrade my Hegel H390's internal DAC. But I would only do it to knock it out of the park; as the Hegel's internal DAC does an admirable job. So the question is, is there such a thing as an end game-forever DAC. At the end of the day, DAC is a digital product. Digital technology evolve quicker than analog technology. 

Will that Lumin X1, Bartok, Dave, etc be obsolete in 3 years? Thus making this a moot conversation...


I have 2 of the same DACs for my 2 systems. It is the Musetec 005 DAC. I am in the process of building out my second system and my dealer is strongly suggesting I get the Bricasti M12 preamp/DAC at $16K. I am considering it as a final system purchase. However, as I listened to the Musetec 005 on my office system, I was thinking what the heck am I trying to improve here?

So I am going with the 2 Musetec 005's and use Sonore OpticalRendu streaming. The Bricasti has Ethernet streaming so it reduces the box count but I think my streaming is better and the DAC likely just as good (maybe better).

BTW - I have 3 Sonore OpticalRendu's, 1 for headphone system, and 2 for office and Livingroom 2-channel. So maybe I do have a forever streamer.

Sends on your disposable income , in 5 years there maybe something 

much better for less money , that being said  if it’s built well and sounds verygood 

no reason to keep buying. In Highend audio sometimes you may have to 

spend 2x as much to gain 5%+ . Diminishing returns ,you can always get a little better if you have-the $$ to burn 🔥 !! 

Check out MSB Technologies. 

Let us know what you decide to do and good luck in this journey!

In my opinion, getting a quality setup now on the digital side is a worthwhile investment even if it might be surpassed in five years or whatever quoted timeline. Because one thing that is irrelevant is of time is having a setup you can enjoy. A component with good isolation, clean power supply, usability, etc will still be providing that same quality five years from now.


If a setup today makes you content for years to come, that’s what counts in my view in terms of making an investment.

No such thing really. 
however, some have firmware updates. 
Take the Lumin (I have a D2)… since I purchased, there have been several updates. 
it’s part of their DNA to continue the updates. For my non-vinyl purposes, this is possible my last streamer purchase. 

the PS Audio airLens looks quite interesting, however.