Is there such a thing as...

an adapter that goes from HDMI to component?
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I can't say for sure, but I doubt it--it would have to be able to cross convert from Digital to Analog signal which would generally require some electronics to handle that processing.
This should help:
Do a search for visionfc4. It's pricey but it is suppose to do what you want.
Technically, these things are called transcoders, I think, not adapters because of what Kjweisner said. Run a search on HDMI-component transcoder. There are some available on ebay
but remember, since its an active device, you will need to get one w the proper input and output. Most of these are not 2 way devices. Key digital is a good manufacturer.
Go to

I have not tried thi but there are some that think it is great as it will...get past...the handshake issues.
The HDfury2 looks interesting. I wonder if it will decode HBO encryption?
It is my understanding that HDFury is a way to get an RGB Device to play DVDs, etc. that are handshake dependent. They have a FAC page. Try asking there...