Is there such a thing?

Hi Everyone. I have been considering buying a used tube pre-amp in the 1K price range and have been trying to do some homework on the different models available. I wish there was one source that listed the different manufactuers, with the model numbers listed and the years that they were in production, along with the features of each. I was wondering if anyone has heard of such a resource and if so, where is it available. Thanks for any info and/or suggestions.
Orion Audio Blue Book has all the info. They can be pretty pricy though. You might check ebay for one that is a couple years old. I keep a couple around they are a great resouce.
Orion and also don't forgot the AudiogoN Blue Book. Once you get a list made up, a lot of manufacturers have archives on the web site. Conrad Johnson has most models listed with specs and other info, almost like the brochures.
While what you are describing would best be suited by picking up one of the Orion's Blue Books (as previously mentioned) as it covers many, many years worth of gear from most major manufacturers, the ( now defunct ) the annual Audio Buyer's Guide was also extremely helpful in situations like this. While it only covered one years worth of equipment at a time, it sure was handy. Sean
Thanks all! I've never seen the blue book, sounds like I need to get one. I really appreciate all info. Mike.