Is there something missing in your April 2001 Stereophile?

As I was looking through the April 2001 issue (VOL.24 NO.4) today, I noticed that I could not find the speaker listings in the 2001 RECOMMENDED COMPONENTS section. Come to find out, pages 99-114 are missing, and there are two sets of pages from 115-130. Has anyone else found the same from your copy of this issue?

Mine's fine.

Bill E>
Mine's ok too.
My copy looks fine.
I had the same problem and Stereophile quickly sent me a replacement copy.
I don't subscribe:~)
FOLLOW UP: I contacted Stereophile via e-mail through their website regarding the missing pages in the issue that I had received. They replied within 24 hours (not including their automatic response e-mail), letting me know that they are sending me out a new April issue at no charge.

Well, from all of your responses (thank you, BTW), it looks like this error is not widespread, but not unique either. Errors do happen in the retail business. I appreciate their customer service when there was a problem (isn't this when customer service really counts anyway?), and look forward to receiving my complete April issue.