Is there really a need for panel speakers in 2012

Traditional box speakers have become so good nowadays is there really a need for panel speakers in 2012?
Rlwainwright, For the most part the people on this site have a higher Intelligence level than the people on AA. People here appreciate Intelligent conversation without being sarcastic. (Mostly what you find on AA)
hey Taters. If you have heard the new 56zphf computational device(samsung telephono) with beats audio you probably would be asking why the need for any of these stupid audio separates. Why am I even on this web site. What are people thinking here. Where can I get my samsung mod done with shimmering nanobutology. And then you would be asking- What in the heck IS music anyway. ok. Oh by the way we don't need any of this stuff. I was away from my system for 3 weeks and came back kicking better than the before. Survived just fine. Hey it's friday.
I had to give up my Sound LAbs two years ago and am still in audio depression and withdrawls.

Tradional speakers are just that, "traditional", and all, imo sound like crap compaired to giant FULL RANGE electostats with the CORRECT amps.
On the contrary, I find many new box speakers to be only marginal and panel makers should continue sleeping well at night. I have had 3.6, 1.6 maggies, monitor and numerous floor standing speakers. All have some sttribute and limitation. My maggies took up less space than my Aerial 10 T, but I feel both made music. I find many modern speakers tilted up and less bloom than I prefer. Perhaps different amplification could remedy this but many rooms I visit at shows are on the hot side. Different tastes for different ears, Jallen
To clarify, my response is to the original question, not 6550C with who I agree with. JALLEN