Is there Really a difference between a Krell 400xi intergrated amp and the newer Vandgard?

I currently own a Krell 400xi intergrated amp. It has 200 watts a 750k toroidal, balanced inputs, etc. Its very similar to the current vanguard intergrated amp in terms of similar spec's. I would like to know if anyone upgraded and if it was worth it? Is the sound different does it go lower, deeper, more of an open sound stage or should I just consider another route to improve what I already have.


In that price range, I would suspect that the Wells Audio Majestic would easily beat either Krell model amp.
Do a little research and you may find a gem.
dave_b is who you want to hear from.  He is very knowledgable about the Krell integrated amps as well as MIT cables.  Based on my experience with Thiels, Krell and MIT, he is spot on.  Hopefully he'll post here soon.  Regards.


I am interested in Wells Audio, can you suggest a dealer/retailer that has models in their showroom for audition?

Hopefully, dave_b will chime in as well- carmenc.

I love Thiel speakers, and would be interested in reading more about MIT and Krell joining the party. Happy Listening!