Is there no end?

I just replaced my aduioquest speaker cables with wireworld Oasis III. They are better in almost every way (clearer better extension top to bottom) -- except for the fact that the vocals seem more recessed. Are there interconnects that will bring them forward again?
Let me add that I prefer a warmer sound as my system is somewhat lean.
"Is there no end?"--- Yes when we die;till then, enjoy the search. I have no idea what components you have;but more than once,I have gotten,new/better;only to find out the new/better reveals "lesser" quality elsewhere. Of course,I have no idea ,if this is what it is, in your case
I really don't have enough info to give an informed opinion. I will say that from your post, I would suggest you live with what you have for awhile and give them a chance. If they are better in almost every way, I think you might have to sacrifice a little in the presentation. I don't think of Wireworld as lean, but rather nuetral and revealing. Personally, I like vocals to be a bit recessed, and I think that it might be something you can come to enjoy if everything else is working. My experience is that when I am used to something, a change seems wrong at first, but could in the long run be much better.
Kad are these new cables or used? Even if used, they've been idle for awhile so you still need to allow for some breakin time, but if new then you really need to cook them at high power levels for awhile before drawing any conclusions. Run them for 100 to 200 hours at higher power levels when no one is home (DO be considerate if you have pets!). Several threads on breakin are existing here for your perusal.
My system is a cary cd303, classe 6 preamp, B&K 442 amp and thiel 2.2 speakers. I appreciate all input on this.
I should probably start this thread over given my original lack of information -- the cables are new (10 hours).
Nordost Interconnects tend to be warm and forward.
Cardas cables is your key. Warm and big sounding. Ideal for lean sounding systems.
Does running the speakers facing each other out of phase really work?
It would probably make them less loud (less bass if there is cancellation).
Kadlec: I wouldn't jump ship quite yet. I would use these new cables for a month or so and see what happens. I think you will find that the sonic signature of these cables will change over time. Regards; -Jerie