Is there measurement that correlates with cohesive/pinpoint imaging?

I am currently using single-driver Omega alnico speakers which have the most coherent imagining that I've ever heard.  However, if I wanted to compare them with other speakers (including multi-way speakers with crossovers) in that regard, are there any specific measurements to account for?  Would measured delay between driver signals in a multi-way speaker be a useful proxy?

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Whenever a question arises, regarding sound stage and imaging; I make this suggestion: The following provide tests, with which one may determine whether their system actually images, or reproduces a sound stage, as recorded.      ie: The LEDR test tells what to expect, if your system performs well, before each segment.      On the Chesky sampler/test CD; David explains in detail, his position on the stage and distance from the mics, as he strikes a tambourine(Depth Test).      The Chesky CD contains a number of tests, in addition to the LEDR.    ( )      and: (      An article, in Stereophile, on the subject: (      The LEDR eliminates the variables, far as what's on your source material (recording/miking methods, etc), when doing listening tests, in your room.