is there life after the indra??

i run a pair of indras i/cs from my dac to the preamp, and was wondering if former/current users of the indras have found something better out there?
I just heard a pair of Indra ICs in a Linn Unidisk SC/Halcro MC20/Linn Akurate (pre/power/speaker) system w/ a tricked out LP-12 as a second source: the Indra was clearly bested by a $500 IC (sorry, name eludes me). Indra was WAY too forward in its presentation. Proof that system synergy trumps $$$!
Funny you should ask. I, too, run 1 meter Indras (balanced ) from DAC to pre. However, for the last four months I have been using a pair of solid gold ICs sent to me by Jack Bybee (unsolicited). Essentially, these cables run a dead heat with the Indras to me. Differences exist but, honestly, are insignificant IMO. Except that the price, I'm sure, will be less than half if these wires see the consumer light of day. I know almost no construction details other than a solid gold conductor is used.

Then, about two weeks ago, my DAC crapped out on me. I called Jeff Smith about it and after a get-to-know-one-another conversation he cleverly hit me with the "'d ya like to try a set of Palladiums between DAC and pre..."? Well, truth be told, they'd been way up on the list for a long time. Same result. These three are the very best I've ever heard and interchangeable AFAIC. BTW, the DAC resurrected itself for a week and then rhapsodied itself away again so both it and the Palladiums are on the road trip back to CA. as we speak.

So for my money, at least two others stand alongside Indra on that exalted plane of the best there is available but I have heard no better. As always, YMMV!
What I always loved about the Stealth Indra was the encompassing sound stage that you heard when the music came on. I was quite satisfied that the Indra was at least the equal to the Siltech G5 ics, but they had a speaker wire.

Then on the strong recommendation of a friend, I tried the Cerious Technologies ics and speaker wires. Later I tried their power cords. All of these remain in my system. They also present a convincing soundstage and are quite neutral. Lacking metal, however, they don't have the splash or glare that I hear in metal cables, including the Indra.

I have friends who have tried the Cerious and not like it, but they are impressed with their sound in my system. This all suggest that indeed, everything is system dependent.

I should note that prior to the Indras, I had the previous Stealth PGS 3D interconnect which are gold litz wires. They were not a competitor for the Indras. I do think, like copper and silver, gold has its color.