Is there anything like a WIFI USB cable?

I am about to connect a DAC w/USB input to my tube amp.
I'd like to avoid to have to take my laptop next to my rig every time I want to play DSD or PCM files, having to connect the two via a USB cable.

What I'd like to do is to keep my laptop at my desk (80 ft. away from the audio equipment), and to connect a USB gizmo at the DAC permanently, and have my computer recognize the gizmo as another "user" or node on the WIFI network where to direct the digital stream. Basically what I want is a "virtual USB cable". Hope I don't sound confusing. Please help if you know of a USB digital receiver or adapter that would do the trick, especially if under $100. Thank you in advance.
Wireless USB Hub?
Do a search for wireless USB extender. Lots of choices.
Apple TV
Only a few wireless hubs can support Async USB. These are from Icron:

It may only do 44.1, not 96.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
or you can use 80 ft active usb cable which works at the end as usb hub